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Last year, right around this time, I was consumed with all things “new house” related – me and the Hub’s first house actually. I’d been thinking of how I could decorate for the holiday without going overboard, or over budget… In came my 4th of July inspired art picks! They were just the thing to put me in the holiday spirit, and hopefully they’ll work on you too for this year:

This 4th of July will be the first in our new home & although I’d like to decorate like crazy for each & every holiday, I just can’t compile enough decorations to fill my space & bring a bit of that particular holiday home… It’s hard enough for me to decorate every surface in every space for Christmas, much less Easter, 4th of July or Halloween!

But, that got me thinking on what my decorative alternatives could be… What about one fabulous piece that represents a specific holiday? Like just *THE* right piece of art? You see where I’m going with this now.

The only problem is narrowing all of my “holiday art” choices down to that one perfect art piece. Here are a few fantastic pieces that would bring a little of the 4th of July holiday excitement into my own home:


“Patriotic Boy and Girl” by Sharyn Sowell


“American Series Rodeo” by J.M. Steele


“Stars & Stripes II” by John Runne

So, should I go fun & whimsical with “Patriotic Boy and Girl,” classic Americana with “American Series Rodeo,” or traditional 4th of July with “Stars & Stripes II?” Decisions, decisions…

Either way, one of these artworks is sure to brighten anyone’s home and bring in the spirit of Independence Day 2010. Happy 4th of July all!

Thank you for reliving my Independence Day Art quest – happy 4th of July all!


Arlynn (91)

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