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Did you know that this last week in September is also known as Keep Kids Creative Week?!? This fantastic holiday, meant for creatively encouraging children, was created by Bruce Van Patter, children’s book author & illustrator, as a way to encourage our youth to let their imaginations go wild and dream up their own stories. This creative holiday has been catching on in schools throughout the US since the fall of 2003 and has been included in national directories of holidays and events.

I was excited to learn of this event from my mother, who is a second grade teacher. As she & I enjoy thinking of creative activities for her students, I know first-hand how many opportunities there are to enlighten young minds and broaden a single child’s imagination. Opportunities to get creative with kids are everywhere!

Of course, I initially think of creating art as an outlet for a child’s creativity – and what a fun way to get messy with finger paints, water colors, glitter, crayons and oil pastels?!? All it takes to get set up for art time with the kids is a bit of newspaper to spread out and get started… The works that kids create can certainly be turned into priceless works of art by simply having them custom framed and hung prominently in your home:


Framed in Larson-Juhl’s Java Collection


Framed in Larson-Juhl’s Prima Collection


Framed in Larson-Juhl’s Le Cirque Collection

As a child, I enjoyed being creative in the kitchen, under the close supervision of my parents, of course icon_smile-1891427 There, I was taught the joys of cooking – or inventing as I like to call it. We started off basic, with my great-grandmother’s tea cookie recipe, which we cook every year, around the holidays – it’s become a family tradition. Then, we moved on to whole meals… I especially liked to cook theme dinners, such as Mexican night or a Chinese feast! I’ve now realized that my parents were very clever, bringing me in the kitchen to help create meals and were very smart about incorporating veggies into those meals.

Today, there are so many resources out there to help bring families together in the kitchen. Take Home & Family Network’s Cooking With Kid’s Page, they have it all laid out for your. Recipe suggestions for fun & healthy lunches kids can cook, child-friendly veggie ideas and even a whole section on holiday meals that kids will enjoy cooking & eating! Take a look at a few of these yummy treats that kids can whip up in a flash:


Finally, how about a bit of creative inspiration… something to give a child in your life the momentum they may need to take that first step in getting creative? It’s simple to bring a bit of child-friendly art into your home, especially with the help of Artaissance, where fun, customizable artwork is available to you with the simple click of your mouse. Here are a few images that any child could use to inspire their own creative juices:


“Happy Day” by Kate Endle


 “Cat, Cloud and Rainbow” by Colin Ruffell


“Girasole” courtesy of Alpha Workshops

Now…with all this available in your arsenal, don’t you think it’s time to have fun with the kids in your life & celebrate national Keep Kids Creative Week? Enjoy!


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