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We’re thrilled to share a third installment of guest posts by our favorite cold weather friend, Tracey Smith. You can read her first guest post here and the second here. As you may know, Tracey is lucky enough to reside in the great snowy state of Colorado, which is where she finds inspiration for today’s post. Enjoy her take on Breckenridge’s temporary treasures:

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see ice or snow sculptures, you probably already know how amazing they are! Of course, as with any form of art, there are varying degrees of success. The snowman in my backyard, cute and sweet, but the snow sculptures I saw this past weekend in Breckenridge were nothing short of spectacular. The 2oth Annual International Snow Sculpture Championships hosted teams from all over the world and tons of talent!

The pride these snow-sculpting teams must have is definitely reflected in their work. I wonder though, if it is difficult to create something so fantastic and know that it is only temporary, to be melted into simply water, come the next warm day. My guess is that the artists who work in temporary mediums, such as this, just truly love the process of creating these works of art, the artwork themselves and the love and excitement in sharing it with others.

Hopefully these photos will give you a glimpse into the show and a look at these wonderful treasures:

A block of snow, ready to be sculpted

First Place – “Milite Est Vita” – Team Lithuania

Image credit – Carl Scofield

Second Place – “Memories From My Youth” – Team Ontario, Canada

Image credit – Carl Scofield

Third Place – “The Alter of Quetzalcoatl” – Team Mexico

Image credit – Carl Scofield

People’s Choice – “The Last Iceberg” – Team Alaska, USA

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the International Snow Sculpture Championships, we sure did! And another big thank you to Tracey for sharing a bit of her winter wonderland with us!


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