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Time for the second and final installment of my craft room creation project! Like I shared in part one of the craft room project, I now had my ultimate craft room table beautifully built by the Hubs… Now we’re on to thinking – what next?!? We’d just gotten as far as placing the finished desk […]

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I’m very excited to invite you into my home… virtually, that is – ha! And show off my latest project, my new craft room!

When my husband and I purchased our first home a little over a year ago, we certainly didn’t have enough furniture to fill it. Not a big problem, so we just closed […]

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                                                THEN: When I was a kid my Mom bought me Paint by Number kits to keep me occupied when I was sick enough to stay home from school. If we went to the drug store to get cough syrup or whatever else I needed, I recall stopping in the toy aisle to choose which […]

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I was thrilled to open up my November issue of Family Circle magazine & find that designer Angelo Surmailes selected an exclusive ArtThatFits image, by artist Thomaspaul, for a home office makeover feature!

The home office makeover features a bold color palette, graphic artwork {of course!} and one of Angelo Surmailes’ signature Antohio:HOME chairs.

For me, this […]

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In essence, it’s like designing backward. “Have frame- need art.” We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  What to do? Here’s my tell all experience that may give you design inspiration too.
I’d carried this beautiful frame from house to house in all my relocations over the last few years, my husband giving me the “eye” every time he […]

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I believe that an artist is as intricate as his work, and if you’ve ever seen Rodney White’s artwork, you can only image how multidimensional he is. Watch Rodney in action to truly appreciate the final product, along with his art…

The Re:ason I am still here from Rodney White on Vimeo.

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When art is added to a room, it can bring color, style, and happiness to the space. Look at the room to the left, prior to the art being hung, and then look at the same room to the right with the art. Art can obviously transform a space, but it can also tranform the way we […]

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