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Have you heard of Flower Magazine? It first ‘bloomed’ in March of 2007. Since then, this quarterly publication has inspired, educated and delighted flower enthusiasts around the world. With a wide reach, it is geared toward those who make a living doing anything with flowers to those who simply like to arrange the occasional bouquet.
Conceived by Margot Shaw, on […]

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Today, “Green” is all the rage. All those “R” words such as recycle, reuse, repurpose, and reinvent are appearing everywhere – even in art. Of course this is not a new phenomenon. Tramp Art has been around since the late 1800’s. Dumpster Diving may be a relatively recent thing but even cave men repurposed things to make […]

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I had a fun surprise the other day when I was in Seattle. While wondering around downtown, a huge pig came driving down the street. I had to blink and look twice to make sure I saw what I saw. It was still morning and I had not imbided in anything stronger than orange juice so I […]

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Celebrate Earth Day by taking a virtual tour of the HGTV Green Home 2009 dedicated to eco-friendly design. Interior designer Linda Woodrum designed a green home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where nature is in the details, especially the art.
As people make lifestyle choices reflecting their commitment to sustainability, many wonder how to bring art into […]

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Tony Foster is an extreme adventurer, avid protector/educator of the environment, and believe it or not…a dainty watercolor painter. Tony was born in England in 1946 and for the past 25 years, he has traveled to and lived in the world’s great wildernesses, including: rainforests, deserts, mountains and canyons; as well as the Arctic and the tropics.
Tony […]

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It’s an art form in itself, how each of us express our own individuality, personality and style by our choices in fashion adornment, interior design and selections in art. Style and individuality have never been more prized or appreciated as they are today; very telling when even the smallest details within our daily lives are thoughtful and […]

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