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                                                THEN: When I was a kid my Mom bought me Paint by Number kits to keep me occupied when I was sick enough to stay home from school. If we went to the drug store to get cough syrup or whatever else I needed, I recall stopping in the toy aisle to choose which […]

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I admit it. I’m a Lifetime-made-for-tv-movie watcher. Especially on a rainy Sunday…This is where I learned that “Georgia O’Keeffe – Her Life Was a Work of Art” will premiere on Saturday, September 19th at 9 PM ET/PT.

Starring Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons, this Lifetime Original Movie chronicles O’Keeffe’s life, complete, I’m certain, with the emotional trials and […]

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It’s coming….again. The anniversary. The anniversary of one of the most tragic days in America’s history – September 11, 2001 – a day that will always be remembered with a heavy heart.
Three years ago, on the 5th anniversary of 9/11, I was on a morning flight from Atlanta to NYC. At the airport, I could feel the tension in […]

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Tony Foster’s subjects can’t really get much bigger. 

His most recent exhibition highlights his documention of the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest – two of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World (depending on whom you might ask). Tony Foster: Searching for a Bigger Subject, opened on July 11th at the Phoenix Art Museum and is on view […]

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As the Rodin Museum undergoes a facelift this summer, one of Auguste Rodin’s best-known sculptures, The Thinker, will be temporarily displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


While the limestone facade of the Rodin Museum is being restored, The Thinker can be found in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Great Stair Hall until it can be safely returned […]

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On the heels of Independence Day, as I think of patriotism, family, communities and American art, Norman Rockwell and his iconic images have to fit in somewhere.

Rockwell (1894-1978) created over 4,000 original works, 322 of which appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. He was an illustrator; a storyteller during what some might consider America’s […]

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A significant exhibit opens today. Through October 18th, the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) will display a collection of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings that have never before been viewed by the public. The collection includes Brown Swiss (1957) and Distant Thunder (1961) along with five Helga paintings: Black Velvet (1972), Farm Road (1979), Cape Coat (1982), Overflow (1978) […]

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