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Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

For this New Orleans gal, Mardi Gras is always a special time of year. Since I’m from the Big Easy, I always try to do a little something to celebrate even though I no longer reside in Louisiana.

This year, we had some neighborhood friends over for some delicious Cajun cuisine – including jambalaya and King Cake! My first ever homemade King Cake…

Fantastic King Cake recipe found here

And much to my surprise, it was a success icon_smile-4736576 The jambalaya was a hit as well, although the recipe is a family secret, so I won’t be sharing that any time soon. I will share that one of my neighbors was literally scraping the bottom of my big pot, just for one last taste of that yummy Cajun dish, ha!

One of my very favorite NOLA (New Orleans, LA) artists is George Rodrigue, known for his infamous Blue Dog paintings – they’re fantastic! Here’s a fun piece shared on the artist’s Facebook page to celebrate Fat Tuesday:

“Mardi Gras Mambo in New Orleans” by George Rodrigue

Now, if you’re not lucky enough to celebrate Mardi Gras NOLA style this year, and pick up an original Rodrigue Blue Dog painting, here are a few of our own images that may magically transform your home with a bit of that NOLA Mardi Gras magic:

“Mardi Gras Queen” by Marta Wiley

“Fleur de Lis Jump” by Sue Gillette

“Fleur de Lis 10” by Maeve Harris

Hope this all helped to inspire some Mardi Gras magic within you today and happy Mardi Gras!!! Laissez le bon temp rouler – to all my NOLA friends out there icon_smile-4736576


Arlynn (94)

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