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You may recall the recent “Tea at Two” event hosted by the infamous Eddie Ross & Artaissance’s parent company, Larson-Juhl. What you may not have known was that Larson-Juhl & Artaissance also partnered with Eddie to host a very memorable “blogger dinner” a few evenings before the tea/art and framing workshop. That dinner was such a fun time, and so many new and exciting friendships were formed, that I just had to share a little from that wonderful evening with you all…

Here are all of the Larson-Juhl, Artaissance, and Eddie Ross team members along with our amazing dinner guests:


From left to right – that’s me in the pink dress, and right behind me is Eddie’s partner in life + business, Jaithan. Then there’s Debra from the blog 5th & State, Steve McKenzie, Larson-Juhl President & CEO/Head Curator for Artaissance, the wonderfully sassy Tami from Talking With Tami. the fabulous TBS, The Broke Socialite, Shameeka. Next is Marian from Haute Travels, a competitor of Eddie’s on Bravo TV’s Top Design, Kerry Howard, and of course, the man of the hour Eddie Ross. Next to Eddie is the talented Patti of Anatomy of a Dinner Party, the sweet Jennifer of the fun Fiddle Dee Dee blog, a great new friend & THE newlywed, Jennifer of The Newlywed Diaries, the ever-so-innovative Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, our own Lynn, VP of Corporate Identity and finally, the intriguing author, Mary Kay Andrews. Not pictured is the oh so chic Jennifer of the popular Peak of Chic blog.

Whoa – recalling all of those dinner attendees brought that lovely evening back to mind and reminded me of what a fantastic dining group we had the pleasure of hosting!

Of course, the photos don’t end there… we’re not bloggers for nothing & we will not be seen without our cameras icon_smile-9273239

Here’s a great shot of Eddie, Steve, Lynn & Jaithan:


A pre-dinner photo of Eddie wooing some of our guests…


A great group – Steve, Mary Kay, Jennifer of The Peak of Chic, Jaithan & Eddie:


Eddie & Steve, who have been working together since Eddie’s “House Beautiful” days…


Eddie, Patti, Steve & Jaithan chatting before we all sat down for dinner:


Lynn, along with the glamorous Tami, doing what she does best: talking.


Eddie with Haute Travel’s blogger Marian:


Jaithan & Eddie enjoying the company of Rhoda & Tami:


I even got a quick shot with Eddie…


Finally it was time to sit down & share a meal together. We opted to meet at Atlanta’s JCT Kitchen for some fabulous Southern fare with a flare – and they did not let us down! I for one, can attest to their amazing shrimp & grits icon_smile-9273239 Here’s our family style table before we took our places:

And after we took our places for dinner… We did a bit of a switcharoo after the entrees, since we all wanted to mix and mingle with each other.


Eddie ended up next to Jennifer of Fiddle Dee Dee for dessert & she was a blast to visit with!


Here’s designer Kerry Howard, aka “Big Daddy” of Top Design, and Steve:


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet a new found favorite author of mine, a lady with a lot of Southern spice, Mary Kay Andrews! As you can see, I didn’t keep my admiration a secret – I asked her to autograph a number of books, including the one I’m currently engrossed in – “Deep Dish” – and she graciously agreed…


All in all, I’d have to proclaim our first ever “Blogger Dinner” hosted by Larson-Juhl & Eddie Ross an overwhelming success; I can’t wait to do it again!

Thanks to all of our guests for joining the group and participating in what’s sure to be an unforgettable evening, happy blogging!

Stay tuned for our full recap of the Larson-Juhl/Eddie Ross “Tea at Two: An Art & Framing Workshop” event and some of the fun leading up to it…


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