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We’re thrilled to share that our own Chief Curator, Steve McKenzie’s home is featured in the September issue of Traditional Home magazine! In addition to being Artaissance’s Chief Curator, Steve is also President and CEO of Larson-Juhl. As you can imagine, his home houses some beautiful works of art – all, of […]

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My favorite time of year has always been “back to school” time… To me, it means a fresh start, a new school year and yes, that Autumn chill in the air. I’m excited to share a past post with you all, our very first “Dorm Decor” post, highlighting art perfect for all of those college […]

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I was beyond thrilled to hear that Mr. See-Ya-Later-Decorator (remember that from Bravo TV’s Top Design?!?), THE Jonathan Adler himself, would be coming to Atlanta to open one of his fabulous retail locations right in our own back yard! And even more so when I, along with other members from the Artaissance and Larson-Juhl teams, […]

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Time for the second and final installment of my craft room creation project! Like I shared in part one of the craft room project, I now had my ultimate craft room table beautifully built by the Hubs… Now we’re on to thinking – what next?!? We’d just gotten as far as placing the finished desk […]

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I’m very excited to invite you into my home… virtually, that is – ha! And show off my latest project, my new craft room!

When my husband and I purchased our first home a little over a year ago, we certainly didn’t have enough furniture to fill it. Not a big problem, so we just closed […]

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As I turned a corner in the Larson-Juhl lobby earlier this week, I was met with a striking new art piece… Of course it caught my attention – it is a Thomaspaul piece. I always seem to gravitate toward anything Thomaspaul; whether it be a bolt of fabric in my favorite textile store, a pillow […]

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You may remember when Top Designer, Kerry Howard visited Larson-Juhl’s Atlanta Support Center and created a beautiful custom frame design that worked with a beautiful piece of Biltmore art, specifically from the Artaissance Hepplewhite Furniture series… Well, all of that was in preparation for a very special holiday project he was working on – Atlanta’s […]

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You may remember when Artaissance Chief Curator, Steve, took Bravo TV “Top Design” contestant, Kerry Howard on a tour of the Artaissance facility back in April of ‘09…
Well, see that fabulous , *BIG* piece of art from the Biltmore Collection for Artaissance, specifically from the Hepplewhite furniture series behind the group?!? Apparently Kerry did because he […]

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There’s a crispness in the air, the kid’s are falling into their back-to-school routine and football is back on TV – this all means one thing – it’s fall. And after all of those “Summer Spruce-up” projects, your home should be feeling just right… No?!? Well, maybe it’s time to bring a little of this […]

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After sharing the art of one of my favorite artists, Johnny Taylor – whose work is ideal for brightening up those college dorm rooms and apartments – I’m happy to share some great tips and thoughts on continuing the dorm decoration process! So, hopefully an inspiration piece has been located for the dorm room you’re […]

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