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Last year, right around this time, I was consumed with all things “new house” related – me and the Hub’s first house actually. I’d been thinking of how I could decorate for the holiday without going overboard, or over budget… In came my 4th of July inspired art picks! They were just the thing to […]

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A few years ago, Greg shared a beautiful Memorial Day post in honor and celebration of the 2009 Memorial Day holiday. It was such a lovely tribute to our nation’s special day, that I thought I’d re-post and share some beautiful American-themed art to go along with it. Enjoy our look back on Greg’s 2009 […]

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Alfredo Arreguin

Alfredo Arreguin was born in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico in 1935 and lived there until moving to Mexico City at the age of thirteen. When Arreguin was 23, he moved to Seattle, where he received his B.A. and M.F.A. degrees from the University of Washington. His life in Mexico and the Pacific Northwest has provided […]

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And a very happy one wished to all you lads and lasses out there!
I’m loving this St. Patrick’s day since spring is in the air and my garden is turning green… I’ve found some fun St. Pat’s Day-inspired posts shared on a couple of my favorite blogs that I’d like to share with you in celebration […]

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Happy Fat Tuesday!!! For this New Orleans gal, Mardi Gras is always a special time of year. Since I’m from the Big Easy, I always try to do a little something to celebrate even though I no longer reside in Louisiana.

This year, we had some neighborhood friends over for some delicious Cajun cuisine – including jambalaya […]

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With the most romantic day of the year (ha!) quickly approaching, you may be like me and need a little help getting in the mood this Valentine’s Day … Sure, I’ve got someone extra special to celebrate the day with, but in all honesty, I’m just not really in to all that mushy stuff, and […]

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Happy 2011 to all of our friends, family, fans & followers! I hope your holiday season was wonderful and Santa brought you everything you asked for… Because so many of you loved our Marketing Team’s Holiday Pumpkin Carving Contest so much, we decided to bring on round two with a Marketing Team Holiday Cookie Decorating Contest!

This […]

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You may remember when Top Designer, Kerry Howard visited Larson-Juhl’s Atlanta Support Center and created a beautiful custom frame design that worked with a beautiful piece of Biltmore art, specifically from the Artaissance Hepplewhite Furniture series… Well, all of that was in preparation for a very special holiday project he was working on – Atlanta’s […]

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Since I shared last year’s Marketing Team Pumpkin Carving Contest pictures and told you that we’d hold the second annual contest late last week, I thought it only fair to reveal the carved pumpkin masterpieces and of course, the winner of the The Great Marketing Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011…
Due to some rainy weather, our little […]

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As a part of our Marketing Team, I look forward to our annual department activity of carving pumpkins for Halloween! This year, that fun-filled activity takes place today… yea!!! And talk amongst the department is all about who’s going to carve the best-looking pumpkin and who’s going to have the most creative ideas – I […]

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