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In addition to my role as Head Curator of Artaissance, I’m also President and CEO of Artaissance’s parent company, Larson-Juhl. In my work with Larson-Juhl, I do a lot of traveling, much of it to our international locations. My most recent trip found me in New Zealand and Australia for a visit with some of […]

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I recently learned about a fantastic project one of our Artaissance retailers, Art Wise, located in Seoul, Korea, had been working on. It is a unique art exhibit – featuring all Artaissance artwork! – to be located in the lobby of the BC Card headquarters building, also located in Seoul. Now, this was not standard […]

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Happy Fat Tuesday!!! For this New Orleans gal, Mardi Gras is always a special time of year. Since I’m from the Big Easy, I always try to do a little something to celebrate even though I no longer reside in Louisiana.

This year, we had some neighborhood friends over for some delicious Cajun cuisine – including jambalaya […]

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I’m thrilled to be able to share another guest blog post from Artaissance friend, Tracey Smith, with you today! Tracey writes about some very inspiring Western landscapes that she saw along her family’s recent road trip to Grandma’s house, yea! Without further ado, I give you Ms Tracey Smith and her “Inspiring End of Summer […]

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We’re thrilled to share a third installment of guest posts by our favorite cold weather friend, Tracey Smith. You can read her first guest post here and the second here. As you may know, Tracey is lucky enough to reside in the great snowy state of Colorado, which is where she finds inspiration for today’s […]

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I grew up in Minnesota. As a kid, I remember seeing scarecrows in fields. They were quite basic, but I thought they were fascinating.
In recent years, it seems people are getting much more creative with their scarecrow designs. Now they are often used purely for decoration in yards as opposed to actually being put in fields to scarecrows away. They […]

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Josie Martin is an internationally known artist who resides in Akaroa, New Zealand. If you see her standing amidst her art, it may be difficult to determine where she ends and the art begins. She has a colorful personality to match her hair and wardrobe. A few years ago, my wife Nancy and I had the great fortune […]

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The 53rd International Art Exhibition is well underway in Venice. Every other year, the world descends on the city of water to take part in this Contemporary Art experience. The title of this year’s exhibit is “Making Worlds”. Daniel Birnbaum, the Director, explains why:
“A work of art represents a vision of the world and if taken seriously it […]

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I had a fun surprise the other day when I was in Seattle. While wondering around downtown, a huge pig came driving down the street. I had to blink and look twice to make sure I saw what I saw. It was still morning and I had not imbided in anything stronger than orange juice so I […]

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Last week, I was in Seattle on business. One morning I went for a walk and ended up at Pike Place Market. I have been there numerous times but it is always enjoyable to see it again. One of the big entertainment attractions at the market is fish throwing.

What really caught my eye this time, though, were the cool neon signs, both at the […]

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