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I entered into a really cool dialog with an ArtThatFits blog reader who simply had a question for “Ask Anne”. I’ll let you read the email string yourself, but first, let me say this – she did exactly what I was hoping our readers would do: 1) Have a burning question about art

2) Search online for someone […]

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I just received my March issue of Domino magazine and on p.29, I happened upon a fantastic picture of Thomas, right next to a few of his great new fabric patterns (and artwork!). It’s refreshing to know that the market recognizes super talent, fresh work and a really cool guy. Keep up the great work, Thomas!

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Meet thomaspaul. He is a talented artist, established designer and very busy entrepreneur. Creating bright graphic designs is Thomas’ calling card. If you don’t know Thomas or anything about him…you will. You’ll begin to see his work everywhere modern, if you haven’t already – Thomaspaul products can be sourced in a lot of different channels.

Even bloggers have caught the […]

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Art groupings are enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. The last time groupings were this popular was probably back in the 70’s. Today’s groupings tend to be more interesting and varied than those of a few decades ago – some are very structured while others are freeform and a lot more innovative.
The grouping to the right comes from Traditional Home magazine. There […]

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