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This year, my husband and I have been enjoying more of the Winter Olympic games than ever before. I don’t know why we’re so into the games this year, but each evening this past weekend was spent enjoying the opening ceremonies, men’s luge competition, women’s mogul skiing and freestyle short program pairs figure skating {my […]

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I am a fan of Valentine’s Day. Yes, I know many of you may think that it’s an unnecessary holiday developed by the greeting card companies. But I, for one, enjoy any excuse to have any type of celebration! Especially if there are gifts involved…even if it may not be much – just a simple, […]

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We’re thrilled to share a third installment of guest posts by our favorite cold weather friend, Tracey Smith. You can read her first guest post here and the second here. As you may know, Tracey is lucky enough to reside in the great snowy state of Colorado, which is where she finds inspiration for today’s […]

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Ok, you caught me – I’m a Saints fan. And not a newcomer/fair weather one either, no siree. As a New Orleans native, born and bred on Cajun cuisine, I’ve cheered along the Saints. Although, I must admit I’m a bigger fan of college football (LSU… woo hoo!) than professional, this has certainly been an […]

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We’re very excited to share another guest post from the ever so effervescent, Meg Lange, who recently wrote about her love of all things owl-inspired. This time, our friend Meg comes clean about her sewing talents, or lack thereof… Read on:
I’ll be up front about something – I can hardly sew a button. I have […]

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