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I Love Art!!! I love going to galleries to see it. I love filling my house with it. I love making it. I can not imagine what the world would be like without art and I hope I will never  find out! Art has played an important role in my life since I was a […]

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I started purchasing art when I was a teenager and I have continued acquiring pieces ever since. One of the first paintings I ever bought was at an art fair in Minneapolis by an art named Cina. It is in the photo to the right and to this day it is still one of my favorites.
Like many […]

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It’s election countdown, and who among us hasn’t turned into a news junkie?! To get back to artful living as a sign of our times, Domino magazine’s highlight on Election Scouting,  with an ode to creatively displaying your political voice in memorabilia, proves we can get in on the action. Who knew Wonk Chic could […]

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We spend over $5 Billion (with a B!) on Halloween every year on candy, decorations, costumes, etc. and that doesn’t take into consideration all of the accessories we purchase when decorating for the entire Fall season.
Once we’ve enjoyed them, we then carefully tuck away all of our goodies in a box to rest until the […]

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My wife and I both enjoy our home and we work at making it the perfect “nest”. We inevitably find inspiration from seeing what other people do in their own spaces. Great sources for us include model homes, designer show houses, and home decorating magazines. Using my wife’s words, we “admire and acquire” ideas. One thing we notice today more […]

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Looking for fresh spin on a timeless classic? I was riveted and inspired seeing Atlanta Interior Designer Keith Arnold’s unusual take on his salon styled wall grouping in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Hanging art with salon styling has gained in popularity recently as it’s a great way to showcase your personal interests while creatively designing for larger interior […]

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“Above all, it is a matter of loving art, not understanding it.”
This quote by the late French Artist Fernand Leger seemed perfect for the initiation of this art blog. Letting art speak to you the way you want to hear it is what it’s all about. Art says something different to everyone and there is no […]

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