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Tony Foster is an extreme adventurer, avid protector/educator of the environment, and believe it or not…a dainty watercolor painter. Tony was born in England in 1946 and for the past 25 years, he has traveled to and lived in the world’s great wildernesses, including: rainforests, deserts, mountains and canyons; as well as the Arctic and the tropics.
Tony […]

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Artaissance was fortunate enough to be selected by Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice set designers as the major art provider for the hit reality series, for the second season in a row! Now in its 8th season, 2nd for the Celebrity version, The Apprentice series has been a hit with business minded and reality TV fans […]

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When my wife and I travel, we aren’t much for buying little trinkets as souvenirs. We would much rather buy one special thing that helps us remember the trip. Art can certainly do that. On some trips we don’t find the right thing but with so many art images available today, it’s pretty amazing how closely some of […]

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Barbie just turned 50… and Jonathan Adler designed her big-girl Dream House in Malibu. Commissioned by Mattel, Jonathan’s own dream came true as he gets “all up in Barbie’s business“. Now, if I were Barbie (and had super-long-out-of-proportion-legs-yes-I-am-jealous) I would really have fun selecting the artwork for my pad.

 Groovy numbers for the lounge?

How about a pink […]

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Birds are perched everywhere this season – and I don’t just mean balancing in the trees persuading spring to come early with their sweet melodies. I’m talking about decorating with birds. Take a look at this article in the April issue of Traditional Home: (Note the lovebirds chair by Thomaspaul on the 4th pg!)       

As with all things […]

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Sometimes art just speaks to me. It might remind me of a time or place I’ve traveled to, or a favorite artist’s style I’ve learned to love; maybe it’s the story behind the work. However I get there, once I’m drawn in, my own reflections empower my interest, creating a memorable relationship. Since I am an avid admirer of […]

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