The Beauty of Nature in Trees Artwork | ArtThatFits Articles

“St. Elmo Stream” Sallie K. Smith

If you are a nature lover like me, then you probably love trees artwork. Beautiful landscapes dotted or filled with trees make incredible trees artwork. While it depends on the trees artwork, I usually find that well done paintings of landscapes with trees are calming and peaceful. The idyllic nature of most trees artwork can whisk you out of the present and take you back to wonderful times from your past. Perhaps that is why trees artwork is so popular in our fast-paced society…it allows us a brief opportunity to slow down.

One of my favorite types of trees artwork involves pastoral countrysides with gently rolling hills. Summer scenes in trees artwork usually include beautiful green hues offset by a vivid or pale blue sky. You can almost hear the birds chirping and feel the breeze flowing in that type of trees artwork.

However, as much as I love summer, my favorite when it comes to trees artwork is autumn scenes. Since autumn is my favorite time of the year I love trees artwork that depicts trees with golden leaves such as Aspen or the bright oranges and vivid reds of New England hardwoods. Add a lake that reflects these gorgeous fall colors and you have a stunning piece of trees artwork.

Trees artwork that depicts winter scenes can also be incredibly beautiful. Rather than bold colors winter trees artwork is usually more subdued. Some winter trees artwork can be done in soft ivory and bluish hues with carefully placed pastel accents depicting snow covered branches and earth. Winter trees artwork can also be stunning as black and white drawings.

Spring of course is also great subject matter for lovely trees artwork. Beautifully flowering trees in soft pastel colors or budding green foliage is perfect for trees artwork. Add some flowers on the ground and the trees artwork depicts the new life of spring with resplendent color.

Actually trees in any season look beautiful in trees artwork. There are many artists who specialize in trees artwork. Any one of their paintings would be a lovely decorative addition to your home or office. Trees artwork is the perfect way to bring nature indoors.