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Choosing art by size for your home is important when completing your design. We’ve all walked into houses and been greeted by tiny artwork engulfed by a large mantle, or a huge statement piece squeezed into a small niche. It’s quite distracting to see a work of art not selected by size, throwing the principles of both scale and proportion out the window. Selecting art by size is just as important as the color, style and subject matter. Art chosen by size should enhance your space, not make it a distraction.

How do you find the perfect piece of art by size? What if you fall in love with an image and it’s perfect for over your new couch, but you wish you could choose the art by size? Or you spy a landscape with perfect colors for the rug you just bought for your bedroom, but you want to be able to select the art by size? Modern printing techniques now allow you to have the perfect print to fit your space and you can choose the art by size and style. Just search the collections of art by color, subject and artist then choose the art by size at


“Magnolia” by Joseph Jackino

The best way to select how long or wide your art by size should be is to measure the boundaries of your furniture end to end. Your art by size should fit as close to that length as possible, but keep the framing elements in mind! allows you to enter one dimension and automatically calculates the second dimension based on the original art by size, keeping the print’s image true to the artist’s intention. also has thousands of pieces to choose from, with over one hundred different artists and you can choose from their art by size. With a huge selection and the ability to choose art by size, you’re sure to fill that blank wall at home with the perfect art by size in no time.

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Art reproduction printing is the new way to bring quality artwork by famous artists into your own home without spending thousands of dollars. Today’s art reproduction printing has been upgraded by technology. One of the most advanced printmaking technologies today is giclee. Pronounced “zee-clay”, giclee printing, from the French word meaning “to spray”, is a digital method of fine art reproduction printing that offers a much higher resolution, or sharpness, and a much wider range of color than art reproduction printing techniques of years past. Large digital printers that produce giclees can print on a variety of substrates like archival paper and canvas, allowing you to choose exactly how you want your finished piece of art reproduction printing.

Art reproduction printing allows fabulous works of art to be digitized, reproduced and printed at a specified size. This feature of art reproduction printing can change the way you are able to choose the art reproduction print for your home. Instead of choosing from a small assortment of pieces you find in the size of art reproduction printing you need, you can use color, style, artist or subject matter as your first criteria for your art reproduction printing. This opens up thousands of pieces from you to choose from. With art reproduction printing you can get high quality art in the exact image you want.


Giclee Print Paul Chang “Zypher Hills Spring”

Art reproduction printing is a legitimate form of artwork. Some artists exclusively make prints, and some have made art reproduction printing part of their mediums from which they work, just like painting or drawing. Art reproduction prints have sold at famous auction houses for tens of thousands of dollars. However, it is important to work with a reputable art reproduction printing company to ensure you receive quality work. Not all art reproduction printing techniques are the same. is an example of an art reproduction printing company that works with archival quality inks and substrates and follows strict quality guidelines. When working with the right company, art reproduction printing allows consumers to hang the best quality artwork in their own homes.

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“Vines 15” Mary Margaret Briggs

The abstracted monotypes that Mary Margaret Briggs creates on her home of Vashon Island, Washington, have photorealistic details that come together to create collaged panels. Mary Margaret Briggs’ mixed media pieces come from pieces of her other prints. Mary Margaret Briggs was born and raised and influenced by the colors of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Mary Margaret Briggs now calls home. Other inspirations for Mary Margaret Briggs’ collages include her former textile design background and the time she spent abroad in Hong Kong.

Vines 15, by Mary Margaret Briggs could readily have been cut from a swatch of fabric she designed in her former profession. The quadrants of positive and negative images of a reaching vine turn and twist in direction around Mary Margaret Briggs’ print. Rich scarlets, golds and chartreuse backgrounds provide heavy contrast to the realistic vines that make up the focal points of Vines 15, created by Mary Margaret Briggs. The negative of the plant are bold and unfilled plots of cream, whereas the heavily veined and detailed positive image of the vines lay on a lighter color of the vine Mary Margaret Briggs created. Such warm colors seem to transpose the cooler toned greens traditionally seen in this piece by Mary Margaret Briggs.

Mary Margaret Briggs uses such unusual media in her collages as found Chinese book pages and joss papers, coarse, small rectangles of bamboo paper that the Chinese burn in traditional ancestor worship ceremonies and funerals. This “ghost money” Mary Margaret Briggs uses, as it’s sometimes referred to, ensures the dead will have abundance in the afterworld. Mary Margaret Briggs also uses cut up pieces of previous monotypes and then gives her pieces an unusually rich, almost velvety finish by covering the artwork with many layers of an oil-based varnish. This finish combined with Mary Margaret Briggs’ use of uncommon papers, gives the prints of Mary Margaret Briggs a texture that reflects that of the foliage she obviously so dearly adores. Mary Margaret Briggs’ love of the natural world is gifted to the viewer in her work.

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“4 Seasons – Spring” silhouette by Sharon Sowell

Silhouettes, “a likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, are the medium Sharon Sowell uses to create her masterfully ornate pieces of art. Demanding, and requiring complete attention to detail, the subjects of Sharyn Sowell’s collages appear so realistic; the viewer must control their urge to walk from side to side in front of them, trying to get a more complete view. Sharyn Sowell chooses the subjects of her work by examining her garden, her playing children or through appreciation of handwriting, wood type prints and patterned papers. Children don’t merely pose for Sharyn Sowell; they are in fact the entire impetus for her craft.

During a long day on a crowded boat, Sharyn Sowell was determined to entertain her fatigued children. Looking around the craft and not finding toys at hand, Sharyn Sowell used the empty lunch bags and her husband’s Swiss army knife scissors. Sharyn Sowell then cut out an array of animals and Noah’s Ark to keep them entertained. Amazingly, Sharyn Sowell immediately took to the scissors as if they were an extension of her own hands, creating incredibly detailed silhouettes. Sharyn Sowell begins her pieces with a single piece of paper and uses scissors to cut the images free-hand. After the focal point of the collage is complete, Sharyn Sowell then uses pastels, watercolors, type from her antique press and calligraphy to create the. After the image has the general look Sharyn Sowell is aiming for, Sharyn Sowell then uses digital enhancements to place finishing touches on her work.

Sharyn Sowell is known mostly for silhouettes of nature’s elements and sweet forms of life. Of her inspirations, Sharyn Sowell says, “Every day I am surrounded by miracles that keep me in awe. My inspirations are the commonplace things we often walk by without even seeing.” Through Sharyn Sowell’s eager observance of the everyday, the viewer is gifted with a unique revival of an age-old art almost lost in time. Sharyn Sowell masterfully brings silhouettes into the twenty first century with her own modern take on the process. It is the viewer who is then allowed to delight in Sharyn Sowell’s most simple of occurrences.

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Soraya Chemaly “Red Trio”

Soraya Chemaly is a self taught artist from the Bahamian islands. Known for her contemporary depictions of florals with bright contrasting backgrounds, Soraya Chemaly says, “My paintings have been heavily influenced by my childhood in the Bahamas, where I was regularly exposed to Haitian and Caribbean art.” Soraya Chemaly continues, “The art of Haiti in particular is infused with flowers and plants that take on a life of their own and often representing in the primitive style, people, gestures, moods and symbols.” These influences have formed Soraya Chemaly’s work and have led her to create her own style of oil paintings. The oversized flowers dominant in most paintings by Soraya Chemaly seem to be presented to the viewer as a joyful gift from the artist.

In Red Trio, a painting of three red gerbera daisies, Soraya Chemaly shows us the flowers at a stage just past perfection. To honor the blooms by capturing them at an imperfect stage, Soraya Chemaly documents an often overlooked part of the daisies’ lifecycle. The red petals Soraya Chemaly paints in Red Trio, are just beginning to wilt and reveal ruffled edges and darkening tips. However flawed the flower may appear; somehow Soraya Chemaly manages to deliver a joyful scene. Like the Haitian paintings that informs the paintings of Soraya Chemaly, these crimson daisies seem to represent a trio of three laughing people, who may have lines alongside their mouths and crinkles on their foreheads, but they are beautiful because they enjoy. The way the thick stems bend with the weight of the blooms gives the illusion of movement in the painting by Soraya Chemaly.

Soraya Chemaly may not be formally trained, but when viewing her oil paintings, the viewer understands that this unconventional course, in comparison to today’s artists, gives Soraya Chemaly the unique advantage of not adhering to any rules. The freedom to work in Soraya Chemaly’s own definite style affords her an edge that many artists never develop. This advantage is apparent in the sun drenched, larger-than-life florals that Soraya Chemaly captures with such ease.

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Decor ideas with Liz Tran’s “A Piece of Tree”

When it comes to beautifying your home, there is nothing like interesting pieces of art for home décor. Art for home décor can brighten up a room, fill up an empty corner or add a splash of color to a plain white wall. Art for home décor is the perfect way to create accents with a variety of colors, shapes, textures and styles. In fact, using different types of art for home décor is the perfect way to make any space you live in uniquely yours. You can show your personality by choosing art that resonates with you when choosing art for home décor.

There are so many different ways you can use art for home décor. One of the most common types of art for home décor is a painting. A painting as art for home décor can open up a room, provide a great accent for a hallway, and even cover up an unsightly blemish. Paintings come in all shapes, sizes, color schemes and styles. As with any art for home décor, you can creatively group them together or just hang one by itself. If your budget for art for home décor is limited, you can purchase relatively inexpensive prints that you love.

Noelle Pollington “Poppies”

If you don’t really care for paintings, you can find beautiful art for home décor in other mediums. A well-framed photograph makes perfect art for home décor. While the photograph is the focal point, a well crafted and unique frame creates beautiful art for home decor. When you are considering photographs as art for home décor, choose ones that will compliment the colors around it. Photographs make excellent art for home décor because you can get them in just about any size. In a decorative frame a photograph is the perfect accent for a book shelf, a night stand, a dresser or wall.

As long as you are happy with the art for home décor that you choose, that is all that really counts. The options are plentiful when it comes to using art for home décor. Just use your imagination and you will start finding many types of art for home décor.

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When it comes to art for home décor, you will often choose your artwork by size. Purchasing your new artwork by size is important because one of the most common mistakes buyers make is not taking various size factors into consideration. Buying artwork by size will save you disappointment later on, and you will enjoy the art more because it fits the space well.

“Nautilus Collection II” Val Andre

The first tip is to choose the artwork by size of the wall space where it will hang. Small artwork by size will look out of place on a huge empty wall. Also, really large pieces of artwork by size will appear awkward in very limited wall space. Keep in mind when choosing artwork by size that the height of the ceiling may also be important. Choose artwork by size that leaves a proportionate amount of space between the top of the piece and the ceiling.

The second tip is to consider the other elements in the room when choosing artwork by size. A large sofa just below a relative large piece of artwork by size will look balanced. Likewise, a small dresser or chair next to a smaller piece of artwork by size works very well. The goal is to choose a piece of artwork by size that neither diminishes the nearby furnishings, nor gets lost or overlooked.

In other words, a good general rule of thumb when choosing your artwork by size is to hang smaller pieces in small wall spaces, and larger pieces in large small spaces. Likewise, choose smaller artwork by size to go next to smaller pieces of furniture, and larger artwork by size to hang near your large pieces of furniture. Choosing the appropriate artwork by size will help balance the room and keep it proportionate, which is generally more aesthetically pleasing.

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It’s amazing what a difference the right artwork for a home can make. However, when you are decorating a new home it can be a bit daunting to decide on the perfect artwork for your home. There are a few key things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best artwork for home. Following are some tips for picking out artwork for your home.

Joseph Jackino “Victorian Lily Pads”

When it comes to artwork for your home, the first thing you need to determine is your budget. Artwork for the home can vary tremendously in price. You can find very inexpensive yet lovely artwork for home at a local budget or department store. You can also spend thousands of dollars or more on artwork for home if you want a collector’s item or an original work of a well-known artist. Setting your budget upfront is a great way to quickly limit your options for artwork for the home, thus making it much easier to decide.

A second and very key tip for choosing artwork for home is to determine what style will best fit your home. If you have a home filled with Victorian furniture and lacy curtains, abstract pieces are probably not going to be the best choice of artwork for your home. On the other hand, if your home is decorated with contemporary furniture that has a lot of simple clean lines, a Monet is probably not the right artwork for your home either. Also, a few well-placed pieces of artwork for home will fit better if avoiding a “busy” feel is your goal. Too much artwork for home can create an unwanted sense of clutter.

Last of all consider color when choosing artwork for home. Artwork for the home is often meant to be complimentary, not something that clashes. So, if you want artwork for your home that goes well with the lavender and ivory hues in your bedroom, then that bold orange floral painting is probably not the best choice. Following these three tips will help you choose the best artwork for your home.

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If you love art and want to be a bit bold, then you may be the perfect candidate for big canvas art.  Big canvas art has become increasingly popular in recent years.  There is nothing more spectacular than a beautiful piece of big canvas art hanging in the perfect spot in your home.  Big canvas art can turn a plain, ordinary wall into a show-stopping focal point.  Not to mention, big canvas art almost always makes for a great conversation piece when you have company.

“Red Gerber” Nichole Sloan

If you have a home with a lot of empty space on your walls, then a few well chosen pieces of big canvas art may be the perfect addition.  Big canvas art can look amazing placed on the wall above your bed.  Big canvas art can also go beautifully over a fireplace.  A long rectangular piece of big canvas art can look spectacular hanging above your sofa.  If you start looking around your home you may quickly find several perfect spots for big canvas art.  A game room or family room is also a great place for a fun piece of big canvas art. 

 Another great place for big canvas art is the work place.  If you have a large office, big canvas art can add a gorgeous splash of color to one of the walls.  Also, if your office has a conference room, big canvas art may be ideal.  Waiting rooms and foyers, which are often rather bland, are excellent places to put a stunning piece or two of big canvas art.

 You can find just about any subject in big canvas art that you can find in traditional-sized art.  Flowers, landscapes, ocean beaches and city skylines are popular favorites for big canvas art.  With flowers, often one large single flower is the subject for big canvas art.   Sunsets and panoramic landscapes make especially gorgeous themes for big canvas art. 

Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be quickly noticed.  Big canvas art stands out no matter where you place it.

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When it comes to choosing home décor artwork, you want to choose pieces that will work in your home. You also want home décor artwork that you will love for years to come. In order to select the best home décor artwork, there are a few things you want to consider.

Before you go shopping for home décor artwork, take some time to peruse as much art as you can first. You may want to visit a local gallery or art exhibit to start getting some ideas for styles of home décor artwork. You may also want to look online at websites which feature home décor artwork. By taking your time looking at a variety of colors, styles, subjects and mediums for home décor artwork, you will have a much better idea of the types of home décor artwork that you like and don’t like.

“Purity” “Pink Bouquet” “Dandies in a Ming Vase”

The next thing you want to consider when deciding on home décor artwork is where you want to put it. If you are looking to use home décor artwork to provide accents to various small spaces in your home, then large pieces of home décor artwork won’t be what you need. On the other hand, if you want to make that empty wall space above your sofa a focal point, then a large piece of home décor artwork may be perfect. In other words, you want your home décor artwork to be proportionate and fit well with its surroundings.

If you already have some home décor artwork in a room, then it usually works best to select other home décor artwork of similar styles and color themes. For example, if the primary piece of home décor artwork in your bedroom contains soft pastel-colored flowers, a boldly colored abstract piece of home décor artwork will most likely clash.

Choosing the perfect home décor artwork may seem a bit challenging at first, but ultimately you want to pick pieces you love and which make you feel good.

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