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Alicia Grau’s Still Life “Apples”

Alicia Grau, born in Barcelona, Spain, is known mostly for her impressionist paintings of children on the beach. Alicia Grau’s style of textured views of the innocent meeting the knowing ocean has been imitated by her peers and admired by art lovers since Alicia Grau’s pieces surfaced. However, it is Alicia Grau’s masterful still lifes that can represent and seem most indicative of her work.

Take Alicia Grau’s painting Apples, a tablescape laid out on a crisp white tablecloth against a wall of the same shade. Somehow, Alicia Grau succeeds in capturing the commonplace and vaulting it to a celebration of the way we live. It’s almost as if Alicia Grau captures the scene of an altar rather than the collection of objects necessary for a snack of apples. It is this ability Alicia Grau has to bind the light to the objects in Apples, giving them importance and lending them an ethereal quality and giving the objects honor that makes still lifes by Alicia Grau so compelling.

In Apples, Alicia Grau capably captures the golden cast of afternoon light from a window in the left of the room that remains unseen, and the light itself almost becomes the subject of Alicia Grau’s piece. The textured surface of the objects in Alicia Grau’s painting easily depicts the cups, plate, apples, flowers tea pot and bottles laid before us. With the muted coloration due to the overall yellow cast of light, Alicia Grau unites the items in a way that seems so natural. It’s as if the objects belong together not because of their usefulness at the time, though we accept that to be true, but also because the light has chosen to bless them in this moment Alicia Grau so aptly captures.

So take the time to seek out pieces by artist Alicia Grau that break from the subject of the people she loves to paint. You will be surprised and delighted at the way Alicia Grau, the European artist, can lend her loving eye to objects in a way that rivals her better known paintings by Alicia Grau of children on the shore.

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Artist April Richardson, a print maker living in the Pacific Northwest, is known for her vivid botanical mixed media monotypes. April Richardson gives life to the flowers and plants in her work through the use of saturated color. April Richardson achieves rich deep hues through her unique process. April Richardson combines techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and print making techniques and layers drawings, paint, tissue paper, and colored pencils into her finished pieces. April Richardson explores “living things” and their “origins, repetitions and patterns” and the history of the land on which they grow. This examination by April Richardson of the cycles of light and dark, bloom and wilt, life and death is evident in the compositions by April Richardson, and they seem to spiral in on themselves with vines, stems and leaves and blossoms.
In April Richardson’s diptych, Alley Rose I and Alley Rose II, you can watch the roses grow before your eyes. As one branch travels up the right side of Alley Rose II, by April Richardson, another dips down on the left side of Alley Rose I, cradling a budding rose.


April Richardson “Alley Rose II”

When viewed together, April Richardson’s pieces, the Alley Rose duo, appear to capture the lifecycle of the rose bush with both birth and regeneration of life. Buoyed by the sunlight, in April Richardson’s golden piece, Alley Rose I glows. Alley Rose II, however, points to the end of the lifecycle with open flowers full of weight and dark hues, appearing that April Richardson poised them to drip right off of the stems and drop to the ground to regenerate life.

When describing her thoughts while “sketching in a garden”, the first step in April Richardson’s multi-layered process, April Richardson says, “I consider the plot of land: these same few square feet that root the subject of my drawing today.” It is easy to spot April Richardson’s love of the earth and reverence of the moments created in gardens in her prints. An artist with love for her work, April Richardson’s success will grow like the blooms in her prints.

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Choosing art by size for your home is important when completing your design. We’ve all walked into houses and been greeted by tiny artwork engulfed by a large mantle, or a huge statement piece squeezed into a small niche. It’s quite distracting to see a work of art not selected by size, throwing the principles of both scale and proportion out the window. Selecting art by size is just as important as the color, style and subject matter. Art chosen by size should enhance your space, not make it a distraction.

How do you find the perfect piece of art by size? What if you fall in love with an image and it’s perfect for over your new couch, but you wish you could choose the art by size? Or you spy a landscape with perfect colors for the rug you just bought for your bedroom, but you want to be able to select the art by size? Modern printing techniques now allow you to have the perfect print to fit your space and you can choose the art by size and style. Just search the collections of art by color, subject and artist then choose the art by size at ArtThatFits.com.


“Magnolia” by Joseph Jackino

The best way to select how long or wide your art by size should be is to measure the boundaries of your furniture end to end. Your art by size should fit as close to that length as possible, but keep the framing elements in mind! ArtThatFits.com allows you to enter one dimension and automatically calculates the second dimension based on the original art by size, keeping the print’s image true to the artist’s intention. ArtThatFits.com also has thousands of pieces to choose from, with over one hundred different artists and you can choose from their art by size. With a huge selection and the ability to choose art by size, you’re sure to fill that blank wall at home with the perfect art by size in no time.

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“4 Seasons – Spring” silhouette by Sharon Sowell

Silhouettes, “a likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, are the medium Sharon Sowell uses to create her masterfully ornate pieces of art. Demanding, and requiring complete attention to detail, the subjects of Sharyn Sowell’s collages appear so realistic; the viewer must control their urge to walk from side to side in front of them, trying to get a more complete view. Sharyn Sowell chooses the subjects of her work by examining her garden, her playing children or through appreciation of handwriting, wood type prints and patterned papers. Children don’t merely pose for Sharyn Sowell; they are in fact the entire impetus for her craft.

During a long day on a crowded boat, Sharyn Sowell was determined to entertain her fatigued children. Looking around the craft and not finding toys at hand, Sharyn Sowell used the empty lunch bags and her husband’s Swiss army knife scissors. Sharyn Sowell then cut out an array of animals and Noah’s Ark to keep them entertained. Amazingly, Sharyn Sowell immediately took to the scissors as if they were an extension of her own hands, creating incredibly detailed silhouettes. Sharyn Sowell begins her pieces with a single piece of paper and uses scissors to cut the images free-hand. After the focal point of the collage is complete, Sharyn Sowell then uses pastels, watercolors, type from her antique press and calligraphy to create the. After the image has the general look Sharyn Sowell is aiming for, Sharyn Sowell then uses digital enhancements to place finishing touches on her work.

Sharyn Sowell is known mostly for silhouettes of nature’s elements and sweet forms of life. Of her inspirations, Sharyn Sowell says, “Every day I am surrounded by miracles that keep me in awe. My inspirations are the commonplace things we often walk by without even seeing.” Through Sharyn Sowell’s eager observance of the everyday, the viewer is gifted with a unique revival of an age-old art almost lost in time. Sharyn Sowell masterfully brings silhouettes into the twenty first century with her own modern take on the process. It is the viewer who is then allowed to delight in Sharyn Sowell’s most simple of occurrences.

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Decor ideas with Liz Tran’s “A Piece of Tree”

When it comes to beautifying your home, there is nothing like interesting pieces of art for home décor. Art for home décor can brighten up a room, fill up an empty corner or add a splash of color to a plain white wall. Art for home décor is the perfect way to create accents with a variety of colors, shapes, textures and styles. In fact, using different types of art for home décor is the perfect way to make any space you live in uniquely yours. You can show your personality by choosing art that resonates with you when choosing art for home décor.

There are so many different ways you can use art for home décor. One of the most common types of art for home décor is a painting. A painting as art for home décor can open up a room, provide a great accent for a hallway, and even cover up an unsightly blemish. Paintings come in all shapes, sizes, color schemes and styles. As with any art for home décor, you can creatively group them together or just hang one by itself. If your budget for art for home décor is limited, you can purchase relatively inexpensive prints that you love.

Noelle Pollington “Poppies”

If you don’t really care for paintings, you can find beautiful art for home décor in other mediums. A well-framed photograph makes perfect art for home décor. While the photograph is the focal point, a well crafted and unique frame creates beautiful art for home decor. When you are considering photographs as art for home décor, choose ones that will compliment the colors around it. Photographs make excellent art for home décor because you can get them in just about any size. In a decorative frame a photograph is the perfect accent for a book shelf, a night stand, a dresser or wall.

As long as you are happy with the art for home décor that you choose, that is all that really counts. The options are plentiful when it comes to using art for home décor. Just use your imagination and you will start finding many types of art for home décor.

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When it comes to art for home décor, you will often choose your artwork by size. Purchasing your new artwork by size is important because one of the most common mistakes buyers make is not taking various size factors into consideration. Buying artwork by size will save you disappointment later on, and you will enjoy the art more because it fits the space well.

“Nautilus Collection II” Val Andre

The first tip is to choose the artwork by size of the wall space where it will hang. Small artwork by size will look out of place on a huge empty wall. Also, really large pieces of artwork by size will appear awkward in very limited wall space. Keep in mind when choosing artwork by size that the height of the ceiling may also be important. Choose artwork by size that leaves a proportionate amount of space between the top of the piece and the ceiling.

The second tip is to consider the other elements in the room when choosing artwork by size. A large sofa just below a relative large piece of artwork by size will look balanced. Likewise, a small dresser or chair next to a smaller piece of artwork by size works very well. The goal is to choose a piece of artwork by size that neither diminishes the nearby furnishings, nor gets lost or overlooked.

In other words, a good general rule of thumb when choosing your artwork by size is to hang smaller pieces in small wall spaces, and larger pieces in large small spaces. Likewise, choose smaller artwork by size to go next to smaller pieces of furniture, and larger artwork by size to hang near your large pieces of furniture. Choosing the appropriate artwork by size will help balance the room and keep it proportionate, which is generally more aesthetically pleasing.

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It’s amazing what a difference the right artwork for a home can make. However, when you are decorating a new home it can be a bit daunting to decide on the perfect artwork for your home. There are a few key things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best artwork for home. Following are some tips for picking out artwork for your home.

Joseph Jackino “Victorian Lily Pads”

When it comes to artwork for your home, the first thing you need to determine is your budget. Artwork for the home can vary tremendously in price. You can find very inexpensive yet lovely artwork for home at a local budget or department store. You can also spend thousands of dollars or more on artwork for home if you want a collector’s item or an original work of a well-known artist. Setting your budget upfront is a great way to quickly limit your options for artwork for the home, thus making it much easier to decide.

A second and very key tip for choosing artwork for home is to determine what style will best fit your home. If you have a home filled with Victorian furniture and lacy curtains, abstract pieces are probably not going to be the best choice of artwork for your home. On the other hand, if your home is decorated with contemporary furniture that has a lot of simple clean lines, a Monet is probably not the right artwork for your home either. Also, a few well-placed pieces of artwork for home will fit better if avoiding a “busy” feel is your goal. Too much artwork for home can create an unwanted sense of clutter.

Last of all consider color when choosing artwork for home. Artwork for the home is often meant to be complimentary, not something that clashes. So, if you want artwork for your home that goes well with the lavender and ivory hues in your bedroom, then that bold orange floral painting is probably not the best choice. Following these three tips will help you choose the best artwork for your home.

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Kathy Croson’s “Autumn Tryptich 1”

Decorating with art is one of the best ways to personalize your home.  Decorating with art is also a great way to liven up a room with color and style. Decorating with art can be easy and fun, even if you have never done it before.  If you are not sure how to go about decorating with art, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

 One of the first tips for decorating with art is to do it one room at a time.  Each room in your home has a style and function, so decorating with art should follow suit.  When you are decorating with art, consider those two things along with the overall color theme of the room.  For example, if your dining room has a finely detailed antique table and chairs, decorating with art that is bold and abstract will most likely clash. 

“The Sound of Love” Leonardo Lanzolla

Decorating with art starting with wall hangings is a great place to start.  Decorating with art by hanging a framed painting or photograph above a bed or sofa can quickly bring a room to life.  When decorating with art, as mentioned previously, use colors that compliment the room’s color theme. 

Another thing you want to consider when decorating with art is the general mood you want to set for each room.  When decorating with art, choose art that fits with the ambience you want for that room.  For example, if your den is where you want to have peace and quiet for reading, then decorating with art such as tranquil landscapes or soft flowers will help elicit that mood. 

“Yellow Canoe, South of France” Keith Wicks

When decorating with art remember that color also affects mood.  Bright, vivid colors are great when decorating with art for the game room or family room.  Soft pastels or gentle hues may fit better when decorating with art for your den or bedroom.  Ultimately, when decorating with art, choose art that makes you feel good.  If you do that, you can’t go terribly wrong when decorating with art!

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If your home has a game room, then you probably want the right game room artwork to provide that special touch. Since game rooms are meant for fun, then game room artwork should also be fun. The perfect game room artwork can brighten and liven up this room where you gather with family and friends. Like the rest of your home décor, you no doubt want your game room artwork to be an eye-catching and tasteful accessory.

Vickie Marie Stolsen “Trouve 162”

You may enjoy choosing game room artwork that fits with a certain theme. Picking a theme will help you choose the perfect game room artwork which pulls everything together. There are many themes you can choose for your game room artwork. The theme for your game room artwork may focus around a primary event or activity, such as playing pool or card games, serving cocktails, or watching sports or movies on a large screen TV. There are many great pieces of game room artwork that will go well with any of these themes.

For example, game room artwork depicting a baseball game would be perfect for a family of sports lovers. If there’s a pool table, game room artwork with a billiards theme would be a perfect fit. Or, if your game room has a cocktail bar there are many fun pieces of game room artwork with a cocktail or party theme you can choose from. Game room artwork with a movie theme is ideal for movie buffs.

JB Hall Abstract “San Fransisco 1”

Rather than an event or activity type of game room artwork, you might instead choose game room artwork that has colors which coordinate well with the room’s furnishings. Since color affects mood, consider upbeat bright and bold colors for your game room artwork. There are lots of abstract and contemporary pieces with great color combinations which would be a great choice for your game room artwork.

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If you love art and want to be a bit bold, then you may be the perfect candidate for big canvas art.  Big canvas art has become increasingly popular in recent years.  There is nothing more spectacular than a beautiful piece of big canvas art hanging in the perfect spot in your home.  Big canvas art can turn a plain, ordinary wall into a show-stopping focal point.  Not to mention, big canvas art almost always makes for a great conversation piece when you have company.

“Red Gerber” Nichole Sloan

If you have a home with a lot of empty space on your walls, then a few well chosen pieces of big canvas art may be the perfect addition.  Big canvas art can look amazing placed on the wall above your bed.  Big canvas art can also go beautifully over a fireplace.  A long rectangular piece of big canvas art can look spectacular hanging above your sofa.  If you start looking around your home you may quickly find several perfect spots for big canvas art.  A game room or family room is also a great place for a fun piece of big canvas art. 

 Another great place for big canvas art is the work place.  If you have a large office, big canvas art can add a gorgeous splash of color to one of the walls.  Also, if your office has a conference room, big canvas art may be ideal.  Waiting rooms and foyers, which are often rather bland, are excellent places to put a stunning piece or two of big canvas art.

 You can find just about any subject in big canvas art that you can find in traditional-sized art.  Flowers, landscapes, ocean beaches and city skylines are popular favorites for big canvas art.  With flowers, often one large single flower is the subject for big canvas art.   Sunsets and panoramic landscapes make especially gorgeous themes for big canvas art. 

Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be quickly noticed.  Big canvas art stands out no matter where you place it.

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