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If you want to enhance your home’s décor with stunning views of pastoral country sides then you must consider David Marty art.  David Marty art is influenced by a combination of French Impressionism and the breathtaking Pacific Northwest scenery where the artist lives.  David Marty art consists of soft brushstrokes and brilliant use of color and light.  The idyllic scenes portrayed in David Marty art will elicit feelings of tranquility as you find yourself lost in them.  The art of David Marty is a great way to enhance your home’s décor. 

 When it comes to David Marty art, there are several pieces that are especially spectacular.  Each one shows his artistic genius. David Marty art takes ordinary landscapes and transforms them into magical places.  When you look at David Marty art, it will no doubt fondly remind you of somewhere you have once been. 

“Summer Dreamin”

“Summer Dreamin” is a David Mary art piece that is reminiscent of a carefree summer day at the river.  The gently flowing river is lined with soft green banks in this beautiful work of David Marty art.  Another beautiful summer scene in the collection of David Marty art is titled “Almost There”.  This stunning oil has a country road slowly curving through luscious trees.  A vivid blue sky with fluffy soft white clouds completes the warm feel of this David Marty art piece. 

David Marty’s “Sundown”

The David Marty art piece aptly titled “Sundown” depicts an incredible sunset with brilliant gold and orange hues reflecting on the glassy surface of a lake.  “Sundown” is truly one of the most stunning works of David Marty art.  Another exquisite piece of David Marty art is his “October Reflection”.  As the title suggests, a quiet lake mirrors the golden-leaved trees lining its banks in this David Marty art piece. 

These are just a small representation of David Marty art.  There are many more dazzling works to choose from for your decorating needs.  If you are looking for elegant and tasteful art, then David Marty art is the perfect choice.