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“Sentines” impressionist art by Ted Goerschner

Ted Goerschner was born to make art. Inspired by his grandfather, a successful artist himself, Ted Goerschner knew art would be a part of his life from a very early age. Drawing by the age of six, Ted Goerschner says of his lifelong passion for art, “I guess it runs in the family.” Ted Goerschner continues, saying, “I never wanted to be anything else. I tried other things; they never worked.” Ted Goerschner began working diligently at creating a career for himself. Studying technique and theory was part of Ted Goerschner’s art curriculum at the Newark, New Jersey School of Fine and Industrial Art, Tampa University and the Art Student’s League in New York City. This strong foundation in art has enabled Ted Goerschner to work as an artist for over forty years now.

Though described by others as an American Impressionist, Ted Goerschner’s art can certainly appear realistic from afar. Ted Goerschner says of his art, “The ultimate impressionistic expression is pure abstraction…my central theme is to put down as much as I can with as little as possible, expressing it all with shape, tone and color.” This conservation of paint is evident in Ted Goerschner’s artwork entitled Sentines. When titling this piece of art, Ted Goerschner used a play on words. Sentines translates from French to English as “bilge”, a word with dual meanings that apply to Ted Goerschner’s art. Bilge can be a nautical term referring to the gaining of water in a ship, yet it can also define the way in which white paint turns yellow in hue over a period of time, or how Ted Goerschner tinted the piece. Both of these definitions suit Sentines by Ted Goerschner; there is a yellow cast to the whiter areas of the piece, and there is also a small body of water along the horizon of this piece of art by Ted Goerschner. Above all, Ted Goerschner’s art displays a mature and refined use of painterly brushstrokes to capture both the light and shadow. Ted Goerschner was named Oil Painter of America in 2001.