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A New Zealand native, artist Tim Howe knew beauty from an early age. In the open wilderness of his childhood, Tim Howe found the natural beauty with which he would continue to fall in love.

Tim Howe’s “Cielo del Oro”

New Zealand isn’t the only landscape that influences Tim Howe’s paintings. His European travels and a one year soul-searching journey back to New Zealand included stops in Seattle and at Vancouver Island, which indelibly sank into Tim Howe’s mind. These varied, yet similarly vast expanses of land are what capture the imagination of the mind of Tim Howe today as he creates his modern impressionist landscapes.

The way Tim Howe uses the brush is just as much a signature of his pieces as is his name. Tim Howe has great control over how the paint works between the brush and his canvas. This maneuvering allows Tim Howe to create a sense of movement and great texture within his pieces.

Natural light is another important aspect to Tim Howe’s paintings. Whether it’s the light bouncing off the leaves on his red trees or the tips of the grasses lit from a golden glow, Tim Howe understands the play of light within objects in nature and always seems to paint a landscape at its best time of day. Tim Howe’s easy way of capturing the light comes from his trip to “paint in the light and the colors of the Mediterranean.” This journey for Tim Howe resulted in a studio he frequents in Barcelona, Spain.


“Stream Through the Autumn Tree” Tim Howe

When one first encounters Tim Howe’s paintings it is easy to think they remind you of landscapes painted in the traditional style of realism. However, when the viewer gets closer to Tim Howe’s work, his easy, representational style seems to overpower the subject of the work. Somehow, the way Tim Howe’s brushstrokes move across the canvas is the focal point. This painterly way in which Tim Howe conveys an energy to the viewer is uniquely his own.