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JB Hall believes artists should surround themselves with things tantamount to art. Perhaps that’s why, while living in Arizona with his wife and young son, JB Hall lists family outings, good eating and home projects among his activities. Oblivious to what other people assume an artist’s life should be like, JB Hall’s vast experiences inform his prints with a familiarity not easily found in other abstract work. JB Hall’s statement, “Truth is Perception”, invites the viewer to glean from his work their own stories and feelings. Of his work, JB Hall says, “Each piece or chapter is an incomplete exercise and can be reshaped and pounded into a success.” This statement by JB Hall reflects why printmaking is such a great medium for JB Hall. In paintings, the artist has time to work and rework the paint on the canvas, however, when creating prints, JB Hall must accept the outcome of what happens each time a print is created. Printmaking takes much preparation and JB Hall must trust that the work will result in a desired piece. Accidents must be embraced and thus, JB Hall’s work is “reshaped and pounded into a success.”

JB Hall’s “Key to Hope 4”

In the print, Key to Hope 4, JB Hall takes the everyday object of the key and pushes it to become the focus of the otherwise abstracted piece. Naming the key the Key to Hope, JB Hall reminds us with the large, dominant image, the key is available to us and it is our job to use it to unlock the future filled with hope. However busy the surface, JB Hall’s jet black key remains the focal point, as it is the topmost layer of the print. What does JB Hall want us to use the key for? He’s given it to us in a large, sweeping gesture. What will it unlock for the viewer of JB Hall’s Key to Hope 4? The Key to Hope, JB Hall’s title reminds us is the key to moving forward, to remember to have hope for the future and that “each piece or chapter…can be reshaped and pounded into a success”, and what a success JB Hall’s work is.

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Sheryl Westergreen’s “Urban Oasis”

A great way to really brighten up the look of any room is to buy art canvas. If you enjoy adding splashes of color or eye-catching art to your space, then to buy art canvas is definitely something you should consider. Finding art canvas to buy may not just be for your home, but also for your office. When you go shopping for art canvas to buy, there are several things that you want to think about first.

For starters, when you look for art canvas to buy, you want to decide for which room or rooms you want to buy art canvas. So, you need to have a game plan rather than just haphazardly choosing art canvas to buy because the urge strikes you. If you use that approach to buy art canvas you may end spending money on a piece that you second-guess once you get it home. It is much easier to find the perfect art canvas to buy if you have a good idea up front what you are looking for.

When you are shopping for art canvas to buy, consider how big the painting needs to be. This will help you narrow the thousands of choices of art canvas to buy to a much smaller number. To determine the size of art canvas to buy you want to consider the size of the room and wall space first. You don’t want to buy art canvas that is quite small to hang buy itself on a large empty wall in a spacious room.

“Anemone” by Nichole Sloan

The other thing to consider when deciding which art canvas to buy is the size and style of nearby furnishings. It would look rather odd to buy art canvas that is really large to hang above a small side chair in the living room. Choose art canvas to buy that will compliment the furnishings. Also, choose art canvas to buy that is similar in style to the rest of your decor. You may not want to buy art canvas that is really abstract and modern to hang next to your antique canopy bed.

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It’s amazing what a difference the right artwork for a home can make. However, when you are decorating a new home it can be a bit daunting to decide on the perfect artwork for your home. There are a few key things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best artwork for home. Following are some tips for picking out artwork for your home.

Joseph Jackino “Victorian Lily Pads”

When it comes to artwork for your home, the first thing you need to determine is your budget. Artwork for the home can vary tremendously in price. You can find very inexpensive yet lovely artwork for home at a local budget or department store. You can also spend thousands of dollars or more on artwork for home if you want a collector’s item or an original work of a well-known artist. Setting your budget upfront is a great way to quickly limit your options for artwork for the home, thus making it much easier to decide.

A second and very key tip for choosing artwork for home is to determine what style will best fit your home. If you have a home filled with Victorian furniture and lacy curtains, abstract pieces are probably not going to be the best choice of artwork for your home. On the other hand, if your home is decorated with contemporary furniture that has a lot of simple clean lines, a Monet is probably not the right artwork for your home either. Also, a few well-placed pieces of artwork for home will fit better if avoiding a “busy” feel is your goal. Too much artwork for home can create an unwanted sense of clutter.

Last of all consider color when choosing artwork for home. Artwork for the home is often meant to be complimentary, not something that clashes. So, if you want artwork for your home that goes well with the lavender and ivory hues in your bedroom, then that bold orange floral painting is probably not the best choice. Following these three tips will help you choose the best artwork for your home.

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Kathy Croson’s “Autumn Tryptich 1”

Decorating with art is one of the best ways to personalize your home.  Decorating with art is also a great way to liven up a room with color and style. Decorating with art can be easy and fun, even if you have never done it before.  If you are not sure how to go about decorating with art, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

 One of the first tips for decorating with art is to do it one room at a time.  Each room in your home has a style and function, so decorating with art should follow suit.  When you are decorating with art, consider those two things along with the overall color theme of the room.  For example, if your dining room has a finely detailed antique table and chairs, decorating with art that is bold and abstract will most likely clash. 

“The Sound of Love” Leonardo Lanzolla

Decorating with art starting with wall hangings is a great place to start.  Decorating with art by hanging a framed painting or photograph above a bed or sofa can quickly bring a room to life.  When decorating with art, as mentioned previously, use colors that compliment the room’s color theme. 

Another thing you want to consider when decorating with art is the general mood you want to set for each room.  When decorating with art, choose art that fits with the ambience you want for that room.  For example, if your den is where you want to have peace and quiet for reading, then decorating with art such as tranquil landscapes or soft flowers will help elicit that mood. 

“Yellow Canoe, South of France” Keith Wicks

When decorating with art remember that color also affects mood.  Bright, vivid colors are great when decorating with art for the game room or family room.  Soft pastels or gentle hues may fit better when decorating with art for your den or bedroom.  Ultimately, when decorating with art, choose art that makes you feel good.  If you do that, you can’t go terribly wrong when decorating with art!

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If your home has a game room, then you probably want the right game room artwork to provide that special touch. Since game rooms are meant for fun, then game room artwork should also be fun. The perfect game room artwork can brighten and liven up this room where you gather with family and friends. Like the rest of your home décor, you no doubt want your game room artwork to be an eye-catching and tasteful accessory.

Vickie Marie Stolsen “Trouve 162”

You may enjoy choosing game room artwork that fits with a certain theme. Picking a theme will help you choose the perfect game room artwork which pulls everything together. There are many themes you can choose for your game room artwork. The theme for your game room artwork may focus around a primary event or activity, such as playing pool or card games, serving cocktails, or watching sports or movies on a large screen TV. There are many great pieces of game room artwork that will go well with any of these themes.

For example, game room artwork depicting a baseball game would be perfect for a family of sports lovers. If there’s a pool table, game room artwork with a billiards theme would be a perfect fit. Or, if your game room has a cocktail bar there are many fun pieces of game room artwork with a cocktail or party theme you can choose from. Game room artwork with a movie theme is ideal for movie buffs.

JB Hall Abstract “San Fransisco 1”

Rather than an event or activity type of game room artwork, you might instead choose game room artwork that has colors which coordinate well with the room’s furnishings. Since color affects mood, consider upbeat bright and bold colors for your game room artwork. There are lots of abstract and contemporary pieces with great color combinations which would be a great choice for your game room artwork.

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When you want to buy home décor on art canvas, online shopping is the best way to find that perfect decorative art canvas! Online art retailer Artaissance offers a wide collection of stunning contemporary art on canvas at prices that won’t break your budget.

Enhanced Search Features at

When shopping at Artaissance, you can choose to purchase giclee prints of your favorite artworks on high-quality art paper or art canvas. Online art shopping has never been more fun! With over 3300 artworks to choose from, you can easily spend hours searching for the right art canvas online at Artaissance.

Are you a nature lover? To create a rural retreat in your own home, “Yellowstone Morning” by Sallie K. Smith is the perfect idyllic landscape on art canvas. Online, you can get a feel for the piece, but when you see it in person, art like this will blow you away.

When buying home décor on art canvas, online shopping is incredibly convenient. Artaissance recognizes that buying art canvas online is different than buying art in person, so we’ve created the Art Sample Program to make buying art canvas online a whole lot easier!

For a nominal fee, you can choose your favorite art canvas online, and we will ship you a small, high-quality print of the artwork on art paper or art canvas. Online, you can get the gist of the piece, but in person, you can see the actual colors of the artwork and get a feel for how the art will actually look in your home.

This makes buying art canvas online just as easy and fun as buying art canvas in person! When you purchase an art sample and then decide on the size you want for the artwork, you can buy the art canvas online and the cost of the art sample will be deducted from the cost of the art canvas. Online art shopping is not only fun – at Artaissance, it’s affordable, too!

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What’s better than discovering art that fits? There is an indescribable joy in finding art that fits so well on your walls that when you look at it, you know it belongs there. When you find art that fits so well like that, you know you’ve found the best place to shop every time you want a new piece of art.

So where can you buy art that fits all your needs? Artaissance is the premiere online destination to buy art that fits perfectly in your home or office. Whether you are totally redecorating or just looking for a new artwork to hang on your living room, Artaissance has the art to suit every decorating palette.

“Seaside” Fred Lisaius

At Artaissance, you can spend hours browsing through the online collection of over 3300 artworks. With such a great selection, it’s easy to find a wide variety of art that fits your style. With genres ranging from floral to photography, figurative to abstract, and everything else in between – you have a high chance of discovering art that fits when you shop at Artaissance.

When you need a specific size of art, you can literally find the art that fits your exact needs at Artaissance. The high-tech printing process at Artaissance is able to create art that fits your necessary dimensions. If you need a small piece of art that fits in your bathroom or kitchen, you can order art from Artaissance as small as 6” x 6”. If you need a large piece of art that fits behind your sofa, you can order art as large as 54” x 108”.

Thanks to the special custom sizing option at Artaissance, you will always find the art that fits your decorating needs. You’ll also find art that fits your budget! Our giclee art prints are just as high-quality as original artworks, at only a fraction of the cost.

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The best place to buy canvas art online is Artaissance. Why should you buy canvas art online? Well, you don’t have to dress up, gather your wallet or purse and spend gas money to get to your local gallery. Best of all, you don’t have to leave your house when you want to buy art, because you can buy canvas art online at any hour of the day or night!

The wide selection is probably the biggest reason to buy canvas art online at Artaissance. With over 3300 contemporary artworks to choose from, you will find plenty of art that matches your decorating needs. Whether you prefer large landscape paintings or small modern art abstracts, there is art to suit every decorating style.

When you buy canvas art online from Artaissance, you have the opportunity to discover new artists. With artwork from over 140 contemporary artists in our collection, you are sure to explore the artwork of new artists each time you buy canvas art online at Artaissance.

With a money- back guarantee, Artaissance makes it easy to buy canvas art online absolutely risk-free. If you want to try before you buy, you can order an Art Sample of your favorite artwork for a small fee of $5. This allows you to see the actual colors of the art and get a feel for the piece before you buy canvas art online. After you decide on the size you want for the artwork, you can buy canvas art online and receive a $5 discount towards your purchase.

As you can see, there are so many good reasons why you should buy canvas art online. Above all,  you are investing in a high-quality artwork that will last you a lifetime!

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If you’re looking for home décor to buy online, art from Artaissance is just what you need! With over 3300 artworks to choose from, Artaissance is the perfect place to buy online.

“Lion du Senegal” Biltmore Collection

Art from Artaissance ranges in style from modern and minimal to sophisticated and traditional. When browsing the extensive Artaissance catalog, you will easily find a stylish array of art to buy online – art to suit every decorating style.

Why should you buy online? Art from artists all over the world can be brought right to your doorstep when you buy online. Art in the Artaissance collection are created by over 140 artists who live and work in the US and abroad. When you browse Artaissance to buy online, art is not limited to only the artists whose work hangs in your local gallery – you have a virtual museum of contemporary art at your fingertips when you buy online!

Art always looks better in person than it does online, so if you fall in love with the art online, you know you will be over the moon when you see it in person! This is part of what makes it fun to buy online. Art is always a thrilling purchase, and seeing your new art for the first time can be sheer delight.

“Coral Scarlet” Thomaspaul

Here’s the tricky thing about looking for art to buy online: art sometimes doesn’t appear exactly the same from screen to screen, due to differences in monitor settings. Before you buy online art, you can purchase an Art Sample from Artaissance for a small fee, which will allow you to see the exact colors of the artwork and get a feel for how it looks in your home.

When shopping for art, don’t hesitate to buy online. Art shopping at Artaissance is easy, convenient, and fun when you want to buy online art!

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When you’re seeking decor wall art, you need to consider the style and atmosphere you’d like to convey with your decor. Wall art comes in an incredible array of choices.

“Twins” by Johnny Taylor

For those on the cutting edge of style, decor wall art by Johnny Taylor is mesmerizingly appropriate. His colorful decor wall art will brighten any room and enliven any atmosphere. This kind of decor wall art is perfect in many rooms of your house, from your kitchen to your living room to your bedroom!

For those with a more traditional palette, the landscape artwork of Max Hayslette is exceptional decor wall art for both your home and your office. His timeless landscape art would look exquisite in the right frames. If you need assistance getting your decor wall art framed, Artaissance can recommend local framers right in your area who will professionally frame your new piece of art.

If you need decor wall art for your kids room, the whimsical art of Kate Endle would bring fun and frivolity to any child’s bedroom. Her cute decor wall art is simply irresistible, and your kids will love it!

The list of all the various possibilities of decor wall art goes on and on when you browse the extensive collection of decor wall art at Artaissance. To select the best decor wall art, what else do you need to consider?

Figure out what size you need your wall art to be. What size is the wall? If you want to hang decor wall art behind your couch, you’ll need a fairly large sized artwork. If you need decor wall art for your bathroom, you can purchase a fairly small artwork. Due to the custom sizing option at Artaissance, finding the right size is never a problem!

Kate Endle’s “Skating”

How will you display you new wall art decor? For example, lighting is something to consider. If you use normal room lighting, the decor wall art will blend into the room’s ambience. If you want to really accent your piece, place a spotlight on it.

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