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To David Owen Hastings, he’s lucky. “I’m one of the lucky few who get to combine passion with profession”, David Owen Hastings says. This passion certainly shows in David Owen Hasting’s work. Born into a family in Waterloo, Iowa, who invested in David Owen Hastings’ love for art, he now not only creates fine art, but also has a successful graphic design business, proving David Owen Hastings family’s encouragement fruitful. Influenced strongly by nature and the patterns he finds within it, David Owen Hasting’s mixed media prints are often layered prints whose “imagery speaks of the abundant life energy radiated by nature.”


mixed media “Fusa IV” by David Owen Hastings

In Fusa IV, David Owen Hastings uses the blues and browns of the seascape to create an abstraction of circles. David Owen Hastings has aqua and black “bubbles” appear to come from the orbs they float to the top of the piece. David Owen Hastings added a faint, almost watermark-looking blue wash in the background of the print. This technique of David Owen Hastings’ lends to Fusa Iv’s aquatic feeling. “I am constantly drawing connections between things, making ‘arrangements’,” says David Owen Hastings. This statement seems to connect directly to this piece of David Owen Hastings’ work. Like the rings that look like shadows made by the more dominant circles, there is a pattern within this abstraction by David Owen Hastings.

David Owen Hastings has moved to the monotype as his primary medium. David Owen Hastings experiments with the effects found when making prints in Fusa IV. You can see where David Owen Hastings has added negative space to the inks by applying an absorbent material. The underwater appearance is created through David Owen Hastings’ use of printing on translucent papers. As an artist, David Owen Hastings has really made his medium work for him instead of against him, as happens to other print makers from time to time. Passion for the technique is evident in the pleasant result, Fusa IV, in which David Owen Hastings not only turns to “connections” in nature, but also a connection between the viewer and his art.

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JB Hall believes artists should surround themselves with things tantamount to art. Perhaps that’s why, while living in Arizona with his wife and young son, JB Hall lists family outings, good eating and home projects among his activities. Oblivious to what other people assume an artist’s life should be like, JB Hall’s vast experiences inform his prints with a familiarity not easily found in other abstract work. JB Hall’s statement, “Truth is Perception”, invites the viewer to glean from his work their own stories and feelings. Of his work, JB Hall says, “Each piece or chapter is an incomplete exercise and can be reshaped and pounded into a success.” This statement by JB Hall reflects why printmaking is such a great medium for JB Hall. In paintings, the artist has time to work and rework the paint on the canvas, however, when creating prints, JB Hall must accept the outcome of what happens each time a print is created. Printmaking takes much preparation and JB Hall must trust that the work will result in a desired piece. Accidents must be embraced and thus, JB Hall’s work is “reshaped and pounded into a success.”

JB Hall’s “Key to Hope 4”

In the print, Key to Hope 4, JB Hall takes the everyday object of the key and pushes it to become the focus of the otherwise abstracted piece. Naming the key the Key to Hope, JB Hall reminds us with the large, dominant image, the key is available to us and it is our job to use it to unlock the future filled with hope. However busy the surface, JB Hall’s jet black key remains the focal point, as it is the topmost layer of the print. What does JB Hall want us to use the key for? He’s given it to us in a large, sweeping gesture. What will it unlock for the viewer of JB Hall’s Key to Hope 4? The Key to Hope, JB Hall’s title reminds us is the key to moving forward, to remember to have hope for the future and that “each piece or chapter…can be reshaped and pounded into a success”, and what a success JB Hall’s work is.

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“Vines 15” Mary Margaret Briggs

The abstracted monotypes that Mary Margaret Briggs creates on her home of Vashon Island, Washington, have photorealistic details that come together to create collaged panels. Mary Margaret Briggs’ mixed media pieces come from pieces of her other prints. Mary Margaret Briggs was born and raised and influenced by the colors of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Mary Margaret Briggs now calls home. Other inspirations for Mary Margaret Briggs’ collages include her former textile design background and the time she spent abroad in Hong Kong.

Vines 15, by Mary Margaret Briggs could readily have been cut from a swatch of fabric she designed in her former profession. The quadrants of positive and negative images of a reaching vine turn and twist in direction around Mary Margaret Briggs’ print. Rich scarlets, golds and chartreuse backgrounds provide heavy contrast to the realistic vines that make up the focal points of Vines 15, created by Mary Margaret Briggs. The negative of the plant are bold and unfilled plots of cream, whereas the heavily veined and detailed positive image of the vines lay on a lighter color of the vine Mary Margaret Briggs created. Such warm colors seem to transpose the cooler toned greens traditionally seen in this piece by Mary Margaret Briggs.

Mary Margaret Briggs uses such unusual media in her collages as found Chinese book pages and joss papers, coarse, small rectangles of bamboo paper that the Chinese burn in traditional ancestor worship ceremonies and funerals. This “ghost money” Mary Margaret Briggs uses, as it’s sometimes referred to, ensures the dead will have abundance in the afterworld. Mary Margaret Briggs also uses cut up pieces of previous monotypes and then gives her pieces an unusually rich, almost velvety finish by covering the artwork with many layers of an oil-based varnish. This finish combined with Mary Margaret Briggs’ use of uncommon papers, gives the prints of Mary Margaret Briggs a texture that reflects that of the foliage she obviously so dearly adores. Mary Margaret Briggs’ love of the natural world is gifted to the viewer in her work.

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“Pathways #1” Michael Moon

Michael Moon always knew art would be his profession. A strong education in psychology and art gave Michael Moon the background to create the fine art he produces today. After his schooling was complete, an eight year span of near seclusion gave Michael Moon the time to concentrate on his art. This time grew Michael Moon’s connection with his art and with Eastern thought and meditation. To this day, Michael Moon’s art contains symbolism of Eastern practices.

More than the subject or symbolism, the process of creating art is Michael Moon’s focus. The contemporary abstracted art Michael Moon generates tells the tale of his journey while painting. With thick texture, the art of Michael Moon is “a process, however it unfolds, that hopefully is honest, real and valid,” he says. Using color and texture, artist Michael Moon creates a canvas full of movement. Michael Moon says of his art, “Color for me comes from a joy of having hues interplay with each other.” This relationship between tones creates areas where the colors meet and blend into one another within the art by Michael Moon. This tension of tones, Michael Moon’s art has “bits and incidents of color unfolding on their own terms,” he says.

When interacting with his art, Michael Moon says, “Often I see myself in this process as a vessel or conduit where form, color and shape take their own journey.” Michael Moon feels his part in his art is that “consciously or not, there is always a conversation among the tools and materials used and myself,” says Michael Moon. Art is about a love of the paint for Michael Moon- and the love of painting. Surrendering him to the process, artist Michael Moon says, “I may be the vehicle, but the destination, wherever and whatever that is, arrives of its own accord.” The destination of Michael Moon’s art is worth the journey.

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Artist Michael Moon is a contemporary painter whose works include geometric, color-blocked abstractions. In the vein of the Abstract Impressionists of New York in the 1940s, artist Michael Moon believes his paintings are a vehicle for his journey through life. Using this theory, Michael Moon, artist creates series of pieces upon a theme to explore his psyche.


Michael Moon’s “Pathways #34”

A Southern California artist, Michael Moon knew he wanted to be an artist since he was in the second grade. This calling of his ebbed as he sought a degree in educational psychology while in college. Michael Moon’s background in psychology informs the artist’s pieces that seem almost like parts of stories without overt subject matter. After his undergraduate education was completed, artist Michael Moon attended the Art Center College of Design at UCLA to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating art as a professional. During this time at UCLA, Michael Moon the artist began experimenting with unique process of painting on canvas. El Greco’s passion as a painter was a big influence on Michael Moon as an artist; although many artists are affected by El Greco’s impact upon them, Michael Moon took his creed seriously, painting in solitude for over eight years. Quickly Michael Moon became a prolific artist.

One series Michael Moon, the artist, created is Pathways. This collection of paintings contains about eighty pieces and includes artists Michael Moon’s Pathways #34, a burnt orange, red, black and cream abstraction whose title points out several passageways within it. The most obvious “pathway” within the painting is the two dark black circular swaths, but artist Michael Moon also hides paths within the negative space created by the cream rectangles in the center of the piece. Overall, Michael Moon, the artist says about his paintings, “Consciously or not, there is always a conversation among the tools and materials used and myself. The result, when successful, is a hopefully recognizable and enduring mystery that resonates a deep-seated familiarity from the viewer.” Gratefully, the viewer is blessed to be included in Michael Moon’s journey as an artist.

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A New Zealand native, artist Tim Howe knew beauty from an early age. In the open wilderness of his childhood, Tim Howe found the natural beauty with which he would continue to fall in love.

Tim Howe’s “Cielo del Oro”

New Zealand isn’t the only landscape that influences Tim Howe’s paintings. His European travels and a one year soul-searching journey back to New Zealand included stops in Seattle and at Vancouver Island, which indelibly sank into Tim Howe’s mind. These varied, yet similarly vast expanses of land are what capture the imagination of the mind of Tim Howe today as he creates his modern impressionist landscapes.

The way Tim Howe uses the brush is just as much a signature of his pieces as is his name. Tim Howe has great control over how the paint works between the brush and his canvas. This maneuvering allows Tim Howe to create a sense of movement and great texture within his pieces.

Natural light is another important aspect to Tim Howe’s paintings. Whether it’s the light bouncing off the leaves on his red trees or the tips of the grasses lit from a golden glow, Tim Howe understands the play of light within objects in nature and always seems to paint a landscape at its best time of day. Tim Howe’s easy way of capturing the light comes from his trip to “paint in the light and the colors of the Mediterranean.” This journey for Tim Howe resulted in a studio he frequents in Barcelona, Spain.


“Stream Through the Autumn Tree” Tim Howe

When one first encounters Tim Howe’s paintings it is easy to think they remind you of landscapes painted in the traditional style of realism. However, when the viewer gets closer to Tim Howe’s work, his easy, representational style seems to overpower the subject of the work. Somehow, the way Tim Howe’s brushstrokes move across the canvas is the focal point. This painterly way in which Tim Howe conveys an energy to the viewer is uniquely his own.

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If your home has a game room, then you probably want the right game room artwork to provide that special touch. Since game rooms are meant for fun, then game room artwork should also be fun. The perfect game room artwork can brighten and liven up this room where you gather with family and friends. Like the rest of your home décor, you no doubt want your game room artwork to be an eye-catching and tasteful accessory.

Vickie Marie Stolsen “Trouve 162”

You may enjoy choosing game room artwork that fits with a certain theme. Picking a theme will help you choose the perfect game room artwork which pulls everything together. There are many themes you can choose for your game room artwork. The theme for your game room artwork may focus around a primary event or activity, such as playing pool or card games, serving cocktails, or watching sports or movies on a large screen TV. There are many great pieces of game room artwork that will go well with any of these themes.

For example, game room artwork depicting a baseball game would be perfect for a family of sports lovers. If there’s a pool table, game room artwork with a billiards theme would be a perfect fit. Or, if your game room has a cocktail bar there are many fun pieces of game room artwork with a cocktail or party theme you can choose from. Game room artwork with a movie theme is ideal for movie buffs.

JB Hall Abstract “San Fransisco 1”

Rather than an event or activity type of game room artwork, you might instead choose game room artwork that has colors which coordinate well with the room’s furnishings. Since color affects mood, consider upbeat bright and bold colors for your game room artwork. There are lots of abstract and contemporary pieces with great color combinations which would be a great choice for your game room artwork.

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“Over the Mediterranean” Sheryl Westergreen

Sheryl Westergreen is a talented artist and a native of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Still close to her roots, Sheryl Westergreen now resides in Seattle. Sheryl Westergreen’s creative talents were evident early on. When she was a teen she was dressing in clothes she had designed herself. Sheryl Westergreen dabbled in photography and ultimately turned to painting. Sheryl Westergreen attended the University of Washington where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Oil is the primary medium used by artist Sheryl Westergreen. However, there are times when she will use graphite as well as pencil in her work. The art of Sheryl Westergreen is wonderfully abstract. Sheryl Westergreen is a master at creating beautiful and colorful city scenes as well as countrysides by using interesting shapes and rich colors.

Sheryl Westergreen’s works often look almost geometrical, with various shapes and forms symbolizing the architectural beauty and nature that she observes in the various places which inspire her. Sheryl Westergreen also at times utilizes these geometric shapes to represent the human form. Sheryl Westergreen enjoys experimenting with color and shapes to express various emotions in her work.

One of her works, titled “Urban Oasis VI”, is a perfect example of Sheryl Westergreen’s incredible artistic abilities. Sheryl Westergreen primarily uses large soft blue squares and rectangles in this stunning painting. Interspersed between these blue geometric shapes are rich burgundies, vivid greens, rich golden yellows, and deep blues in various forms. Sheryl Westergreen brilliantly places these contrasting colored shapes throughout the painting, resulting in an eye-catching piece of art.

Another one of Sheryl Westergreen’s remarkable paintings is one that is titled “Over the Mediterranean”. This Sheryl Westergreen original consists of varying shades of rich blues and greens with hints of browns. Sheryl Westergreen has blended them gently which gives the appearance of an aerial view of this spectacular sea. Her works of art are truly unique and would add incredible color and beauty to any room.

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Do you need wall art? Canvas wall art at Artaissance is not only high-quality and super-trendy – it is also affordable, too!

“Key to Hope 4” JB Hall

If you love colorful wall art, canvas wall art by JB Hall provides the perfect abstract addition to your home décor. If you prefer more subdued wall art, canvas wall art by Colin Ruffell would create a more calm and introspective atmosphere.

For those who like bucolic landscape wall art, canvas wall art by Tim Howe will create a sophisticated ambience. For those who prefer nostalgic beach wall art, canvas wall art by Alicia Grau is both classy and relaxing.

Artaissance offers a wide selection of wall art – canvas art from over 140 contemporary artists, all working in their own unique style of wall art. Canvas art giclees from these talented artists are just the thing to decorate your home or office!

“Along a Tuscan Road” Tim Howe

When buying wall art, canvas art is the best choice because canvas is durable and long-lasting. Most people find the weave of the canvas to be a much more interesting texture than the surface of paper. Because canvas is heavier than paper, it has more substance and appeal as wall art.

Canvas art giclees from Artaissance are often mistaken for original wall art. Canvas art giclees look so much like the original artwork, thanks to the advanced giclee printing technology used by Artaissance. When shopping for wall art, canvas art giclees are a stunning solution to your decorating needs. Artaissance utilizes a high-tech printing process that accurately recreates the essence of the original wall art. Canvas art giclees from Artaissance are a much more cost-effective alternative to spending thousands of dollars for original wall art!

When you need wall art, canvas art giclees from Artaissance are the perfect thing to buy to fill your walls!

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Need wall art? Large wall art can really create a dramatic impression in any room. If you want to make a statement with your wall art, large may be the way to go!

So, just how big is large wall art? Large canvas art from Artaissance can be as large as 54” x 102”. That’s an enormous size for wall art! Large artwork at that size would look stunning in an office lobby, on the landing of a grand staircase, or on your living room wall.

Art, large and small, can be created in any size you need when you shop at Artaissance for your wall art. Large art is especially appealing because you can easily cover a large space with a single piece of artwork.

Remember that when buying oversized wall art, large art will create an instant impact on whoever sets their eyes upon it. Choose art that is breathtaking but not overpowering. Seek a harmonious balance when you buy oversized wall art. Large art needs to work with the other decorating elements in the room – not overwhelm or dwarf it.

“Pathways #34” Michael Moon

If you’re not sure what style to choose, consider buying abstract wall art. Large abstract art tends to be attractive without dominating everything else in the room. Sheryl Westergreen is an artist who creates abstract wall art. Large artwork by Sheryl would have a harmonious presence in a room, rather than an overpowering one. The same goes for Michael Moon’s wall art. Large abstract artwork by Michael would create a soothing, introspective atmosphere.

If you have a favorite hobby or passion, you might appreciate seeing your hobby depicted in oversized wall art. Large horse art would look great in the home of an avid horse lover. Beach bums would love beach-related wall art. Large beach art would allow them to mentally visit the beach anytime they wanted!

Buying large wall art is easy and affordable when you shop at Artaissance!

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