Make a Statement with Oversize Wall Art | ArtThatFits Articles

Need wall art? Large wall art can really create a dramatic impression in any room. If you want to make a statement with your wall art, large may be the way to go!

So, just how big is large wall art? Large canvas art from Artaissance can be as large as 54” x 102”. That’s an enormous size for wall art! Large artwork at that size would look stunning in an office lobby, on the landing of a grand staircase, or on your living room wall.

Art, large and small, can be created in any size you need when you shop at Artaissance for your wall art. Large art is especially appealing because you can easily cover a large space with a single piece of artwork.

Remember that when buying oversized wall art, large art will create an instant impact on whoever sets their eyes upon it. Choose art that is breathtaking but not overpowering. Seek a harmonious balance when you buy oversized wall art. Large art needs to work with the other decorating elements in the room – not overwhelm or dwarf it.

“Pathways #34” Michael Moon

If you’re not sure what style to choose, consider buying abstract wall art. Large abstract art tends to be attractive without dominating everything else in the room. Sheryl Westergreen is an artist who creates abstract wall art. Large artwork by Sheryl would have a harmonious presence in a room, rather than an overpowering one. The same goes for Michael Moon’s wall art. Large abstract artwork by Michael would create a soothing, introspective atmosphere.

If you have a favorite hobby or passion, you might appreciate seeing your hobby depicted in oversized wall art. Large horse art would look great in the home of an avid horse lover. Beach bums would love beach-related wall art. Large beach art would allow them to mentally visit the beach anytime they wanted!

Buying large wall art is easy and affordable when you shop at Artaissance!