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Artist Michael Moon is a contemporary painter whose works include geometric, color-blocked abstractions. In the vein of the Abstract Impressionists of New York in the 1940s, artist Michael Moon believes his paintings are a vehicle for his journey through life. Using this theory, Michael Moon, artist creates series of pieces upon a theme to explore his psyche.


Michael Moon’s “Pathways #34”

A Southern California artist, Michael Moon knew he wanted to be an artist since he was in the second grade. This calling of his ebbed as he sought a degree in educational psychology while in college. Michael Moon’s background in psychology informs the artist’s pieces that seem almost like parts of stories without overt subject matter. After his undergraduate education was completed, artist Michael Moon attended the Art Center College of Design at UCLA to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating art as a professional. During this time at UCLA, Michael Moon the artist began experimenting with unique process of painting on canvas. El Greco’s passion as a painter was a big influence on Michael Moon as an artist; although many artists are affected by El Greco’s impact upon them, Michael Moon took his creed seriously, painting in solitude for over eight years. Quickly Michael Moon became a prolific artist.

One series Michael Moon, the artist, created is Pathways. This collection of paintings contains about eighty pieces and includes artists Michael Moon’s Pathways #34, a burnt orange, red, black and cream abstraction whose title points out several passageways within it. The most obvious “pathway” within the painting is the two dark black circular swaths, but artist Michael Moon also hides paths within the negative space created by the cream rectangles in the center of the piece. Overall, Michael Moon, the artist says about his paintings, “Consciously or not, there is always a conversation among the tools and materials used and myself. The result, when successful, is a hopefully recognizable and enduring mystery that resonates a deep-seated familiarity from the viewer.” Gratefully, the viewer is blessed to be included in Michael Moon’s journey as an artist.