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Max Hayslette the artist grew up in West Virginia. He studied art in Illinois where he attended the Art Institute of Chicago. Artist Max Hayslette graduated from there in 1952. Max Hayslette is an artist who specializes in creating spectacular landscapes. Many world travels have inspired artist Max Hayslette, as can be seen in his work. In fact several of his works portray beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Max Hayslette’s “Hills of Tuscany I”

The art of Max Hayslette is both romantic and spiritual. His is a master at using colors which emanate warmth and feeling. This incredible artist, Max Hayslette, prefers to start a piece by spending some time at the site which is the subject of his painting. Initial photos and sketches form the basis of artist Max Hayslette’s beautiful works. Artist Max Hayslette also pays close attention to the differences in color temperature of the exotic places he paints.

Max Hayslette the artist is quite well known. Over 300 companies and institutions display the phenomenal works of artist Max Hayslette. Wells Fargo Bank and Stanford University are two places which have pieces by the talented artist Max Hayslette.

While all of artist Max Hayslette’s art is spectacular, there are two pieces in particular which are absolutely stunning. The first is artist Max Hayslette’s work titled “Sunset on Otter Creek”. This eye-catching piece by Max Hayslette the artist portrays a tranquil creek lined by soft green banks blooming with colorful flowers. Artist Max Hayslette shows his exceptional skills with light and color in this piece.

Another work by Max Hayslette, artist, which is truly breathtaking, is titled “Hills of Tuscany I”. This work of artist Max Hayslette depicts the lush, gently rolling hills of the Italian countryside. The colors artist Max Hayslette uses are beautifully rich. His works consistently show a finesse and genius which are hallmarks of all the great artists.

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Max Hayslette art brings new worlds to life. The landscapes in Max Hayslette art often feel familiar, although we can’t place our fingers on exactly why. Perhaps it is because Max Hayslette art is painted in a classic and timeless manner, with a special focus on depicting luminous light and rich color.

Max Hayslette art is painted with the touch of the Old Masters, with a depth and luminosity that transports you to another era. Preferring to work on site, he paints calm, idyllic scenes with dramatic lighting and a tangible sense of atmosphere.

“Evening Suite I” Max Hayslette

Max Hayslette art ranges in complexity from expansive and detailed landscapes that recede into the far distance to more simplistic, nearly abstract, artworks.

Hills of Tuscany I is an exquisite example of Max Hayslette art at its finest. Max Hayslette creates a convincing sense of depth by painting dark mahogany and black hues in the foreground of the piece, which gradually transform across the canvas into an idyllic progression of gentle yellows, natural greens and soft blues.

Compare this complex Max Hayslette art with his more abstract art, such as his Evening Suite series. This Max Hayslette art series depicts several trees with daintily thin trunks and well-rounded leafy tops. Through the subtle but masterful handling of color, the three-dimension form of these trees is expertly suggested. The trees are posed before a pure abstract background that gradually shifts in color from a golden yellow to a sky blue.

Most Max Hayslette art falls somewhere in between these two extremes. Max Hayslette art series like the Greenbriar River series and the St. Tropez series are square in shape, perfect for mixing and matching to create a collective display of Max Hayslette art in your home or office.

Max Hayslette art allows you to travel without leaving your home. Max Hayslette art transports you to another time, one that is untouched by modernity and the trappings of a modern life.

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