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“Vines 15” Mary Margaret Briggs

The abstracted monotypes that Mary Margaret Briggs creates on her home of Vashon Island, Washington, have photorealistic details that come together to create collaged panels. Mary Margaret Briggs’ mixed media pieces come from pieces of her other prints. Mary Margaret Briggs was born and raised and influenced by the colors of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Mary Margaret Briggs now calls home. Other inspirations for Mary Margaret Briggs’ collages include her former textile design background and the time she spent abroad in Hong Kong.

Vines 15, by Mary Margaret Briggs could readily have been cut from a swatch of fabric she designed in her former profession. The quadrants of positive and negative images of a reaching vine turn and twist in direction around Mary Margaret Briggs’ print. Rich scarlets, golds and chartreuse backgrounds provide heavy contrast to the realistic vines that make up the focal points of Vines 15, created by Mary Margaret Briggs. The negative of the plant are bold and unfilled plots of cream, whereas the heavily veined and detailed positive image of the vines lay on a lighter color of the vine Mary Margaret Briggs created. Such warm colors seem to transpose the cooler toned greens traditionally seen in this piece by Mary Margaret Briggs.

Mary Margaret Briggs uses such unusual media in her collages as found Chinese book pages and joss papers, coarse, small rectangles of bamboo paper that the Chinese burn in traditional ancestor worship ceremonies and funerals. This “ghost money” Mary Margaret Briggs uses, as it’s sometimes referred to, ensures the dead will have abundance in the afterworld. Mary Margaret Briggs also uses cut up pieces of previous monotypes and then gives her pieces an unusually rich, almost velvety finish by covering the artwork with many layers of an oil-based varnish. This finish combined with Mary Margaret Briggs’ use of uncommon papers, gives the prints of Mary Margaret Briggs a texture that reflects that of the foliage she obviously so dearly adores. Mary Margaret Briggs’ love of the natural world is gifted to the viewer in her work.

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“4 Seasons – Spring” silhouette by Sharon Sowell

Silhouettes, “a likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, are the medium Sharon Sowell uses to create her masterfully ornate pieces of art. Demanding, and requiring complete attention to detail, the subjects of Sharyn Sowell’s collages appear so realistic; the viewer must control their urge to walk from side to side in front of them, trying to get a more complete view. Sharyn Sowell chooses the subjects of her work by examining her garden, her playing children or through appreciation of handwriting, wood type prints and patterned papers. Children don’t merely pose for Sharyn Sowell; they are in fact the entire impetus for her craft.

During a long day on a crowded boat, Sharyn Sowell was determined to entertain her fatigued children. Looking around the craft and not finding toys at hand, Sharyn Sowell used the empty lunch bags and her husband’s Swiss army knife scissors. Sharyn Sowell then cut out an array of animals and Noah’s Ark to keep them entertained. Amazingly, Sharyn Sowell immediately took to the scissors as if they were an extension of her own hands, creating incredibly detailed silhouettes. Sharyn Sowell begins her pieces with a single piece of paper and uses scissors to cut the images free-hand. After the focal point of the collage is complete, Sharyn Sowell then uses pastels, watercolors, type from her antique press and calligraphy to create the. After the image has the general look Sharyn Sowell is aiming for, Sharyn Sowell then uses digital enhancements to place finishing touches on her work.

Sharyn Sowell is known mostly for silhouettes of nature’s elements and sweet forms of life. Of her inspirations, Sharyn Sowell says, “Every day I am surrounded by miracles that keep me in awe. My inspirations are the commonplace things we often walk by without even seeing.” Through Sharyn Sowell’s eager observance of the everyday, the viewer is gifted with a unique revival of an age-old art almost lost in time. Sharyn Sowell masterfully brings silhouettes into the twenty first century with her own modern take on the process. It is the viewer who is then allowed to delight in Sharyn Sowell’s most simple of occurrences.

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Doug Landreth is an incredibly talented artist and photographer who resides in Seattle, Washington. Doug Landreth started snapping photos as a teen while on vacation in Europe. After Doug Landreth completed a marketing degree he moved to Santa Barbara to study photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography. Doug Landreth’s talent was duly honored when he received the school’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

“Papillo” Doug Landreth

After graduating, Doug Landreth embarked on a successful career in advertising. Over the years Doug Landreth did work for many well-known companies. Doug Landreth received numerous prestigious awards for his work, including the Photoshop Guru award. Over time Doug Landreth began creating his own unique art with his photography. Doug Landreth utilizes an unusual process which involves combining layers upon layers of photos with interesting textures to create the final piece. The finishing touch involves a glossy coat which both protects the art and also brings out the color even more vividly.

The result that Doug Landreth produces is a beautiful work of photographic art which is absolutely gorgeous. Doug Landreth is a master at creating stunning images which show emotional depth. He shows off his unique art at various galleries across the USA. Doug Landreth also continues to use his exceptional skills and talent for advertising jobs.

Interesting and exotic doors, a single flower, bullfighters and butterflies are often the subjects of the art of Doug Landreth. Many Doug Landreth works also include images from his travels throughout Asia and Europe. Two pieces by Doug Landreth which are particularly spectacular are “Papilio” and “French Castle”. The focal point of “Papilio” is a rare beautiful butterfly that has vivid blue wings with velvety black edges.

Doug Landreth’s “French Castle”

“French Castle” is an incredible Doug Landreth image of a distant ancient castle sitting at the top of a lush European hillside. If you are looking for exquisite unique art, the work of Doug Landreth is definitely the way to go.

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