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When you’re seeking decor wall art, you need to consider the style and atmosphere you’d like to convey with your decor. Wall art comes in an incredible array of choices.

“Twins” by Johnny Taylor

For those on the cutting edge of style, decor wall art by Johnny Taylor is mesmerizingly appropriate. His colorful decor wall art will brighten any room and enliven any atmosphere. This kind of decor wall art is perfect in many rooms of your house, from your kitchen to your living room to your bedroom!

For those with a more traditional palette, the landscape artwork of Max Hayslette is exceptional decor wall art for both your home and your office. His timeless landscape art would look exquisite in the right frames. If you need assistance getting your decor wall art framed, Artaissance can recommend local framers right in your area who will professionally frame your new piece of art.

If you need decor wall art for your kids room, the whimsical art of Kate Endle would bring fun and frivolity to any child’s bedroom. Her cute decor wall art is simply irresistible, and your kids will love it!

The list of all the various possibilities of decor wall art goes on and on when you browse the extensive collection of decor wall art at Artaissance. To select the best decor wall art, what else do you need to consider?

Figure out what size you need your wall art to be. What size is the wall? If you want to hang decor wall art behind your couch, you’ll need a fairly large sized artwork. If you need decor wall art for your bathroom, you can purchase a fairly small artwork. Due to the custom sizing option at Artaissance, finding the right size is never a problem!

Kate Endle’s “Skating”

How will you display you new wall art decor? For example, lighting is something to consider. If you use normal room lighting, the decor wall art will blend into the room’s ambience. If you want to really accent your piece, place a spotlight on it.

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“Americana Suite VI” Max Hayslette

Looking for custom art? Canvas wall art is the perfect solution. At Artaissance, custom art canvas giclees can be printed to your exact size specifications. This is an easy and convenient way to buy custom art that fits your specific sizing needs.

Custom art canvas giclees can be printed as small as 6” x 6” to fit in those small spaces around your home or office, whether it’s in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or home office. Custom art canvas giclees can also be printed as large as 54” x 102” – which is a monumental size! Custom art at this size can easily fill large empty walls in your home or office.

If you want to buy custom art, canvas wall art from Artaissance allows you a great deal of versatility and freedom. At Artaissance we offer a wide variety of custom art canvas giclees in our extensive online art collection. With over 3300 artworks to choose from, you are sure to find plenty of artwork that strikes you. Artaissance offers exclusive artwork from over 140 talented artists, each with a unique vision that you can enjoy and admire as custom art canvas giclees.

“Giclee” is a French term that means “spray”. This describes the high-tech printing process that is used to create our custom art canvas giclees. Using advanced printing technology, thousands of tiny droplets of ink art sprayed on the canvas, where the colors mix to create beautiful and subtle gradations of color. Our custom art canvas giclees are so rich in color and texture that they are nearly indiscernible from the original artwork.

When it comes to custom art, canvas giclee wall art is a popular choice. The high-quality canvas support provides a sense of sophistication, substance and class to our custom art canvas giclees.
As an affordable alternative to owning the original, custom art canvas giclees are sure to please any discerning home decorator!

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“Estude IX” Vilbo

Buying custom sized art has never been easier. At Artaissance, we specialize in offering a wide selection of high-quality custom sized art from over 140 artists. With over 3300 custom sized art works to choose from, you’re sure to find plenty of custom sized art works to suit your decorating needs!

When you have a specific space to fill on your walls, you no longer need to shuffle through bins filled with random art of various sizes with the hope of “maybe” finding the right piece to hang in your narrow niche. At Artaissance, you can order custom sized art that is printed to the specifications that you need.

Custom sized art is incredibly convenient. If you fall in love with a certain image at Artaissance, you can order a giclee fine art print of the artwork that is as small as 6” x 6” or as large as 54” x 102”. Because of this versatility, custom sized art gives you incredible freedom when it comes to decorating!

Custom sized art is handy for those awkward empty spaces that standard sized art won’t fit into properly. Custom sized art is especially practical when it comes to buying oversized art for your large, empty wall spaces. If you love oversized art, you can order your favorite piece from the Artaissance collection as a large custom sized art print!

At Artaissance, you can buy contemporary custom sized art on canvas or paper. Our advanced printing technology allows us to create beautiful reproductions of artwork that are so high-quality that they are practically indiscernible from the original artwork. Our custom sized art is archival and long-lasting, making it truly an investment that will be yours to appreciate for a lifetime.

Tired of art that doesn’t quite fit right in your home? You need art that fits your space. Custom sized art is the answer!

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Rodney White “Try to Be”

Looking for wall art? Contemporary art is a fashionable choice for gracing your walls with cutting-edge art. When creating wall art, contemporary artists offer a wide range of styles and subject matter, all expressing their unique vision.

Is your preference for wall art contemporary or traditional? Ask yourself these questions:

Are you more invigorated by colors and shapes, or do you prefer the more tangible reality of recognizable objects and things?

Contemporary art can be a bit confusing to those who hold steadfast to traditional aesthetic ideals, but this needn’t be the case. When deciding on wall art, contemporary aesthetics only require a little understanding of the current trends. Once you get the gist, you can enjoy and appreciate both types of wall art: contemporary and traditional!

When looking at wall art, contemporary art stands out because it is bold, dynamic, engaging and makes a statement.

Check out Rodney White’s wall art. Contemporary art never looked so fresh yet so steeped in a sense of undiscovered history. In his wall art, contemporary elements are intermixed with images from vintage sources, resulting compelling pieces of art.

For similar wall art, contemporary artist Katrina Whitney offers artwork that also plays with this mix of old and new imagery.

A discussion about contemporary art would not be complete without mentioning one more maker of colorful wall art: contemporary artist Johnny Taylor. Johnny Taylor’s wall art is colorful and addictive.

Possibilities abound for wall art! Contemporary artists often work in multiples, allowing for a complete series of wall art: contemporary diptychs, modern triptychs and fashionable polyptychs arranged aesthetically on a wall create a trendy display of contemporary art work. You can combine the artwork of Rodney White, Katrina Whitney and Johnny Taylor to create some really cool and unique arrangements.

Whatever your style, if you need wall art, contemporary and traditional styles are available at Artaissance!

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