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Marysia “In His Arms II”

Looking for art work to purchase? Finding the right art work to purchase can be a hassle when you have to drive from store to store to see the sparse selection that they have in stock. Why not make it easy on yourself by searching for art work to purchase online?

The best place to find contemporary, affordable art work to purchase is Artaissance. With a wide selection of over 3300 art works to choose from, you are sure to find the right art work to purchase for all your decorating needs. Whether you’re decorating your living room, dining room, bedroom, or even your laundry room – our extensive collection of affordable contemporary art work is filled with art that will suit your decorating style!

When you look for art work to purchase for your home, you want something that fits into your everyday lifestyle. When selecting art work to purchase, you want art that you can relate to and even art that you can aspire to.

“Folded Blue Umbrellas I” Tom Vieth

Do you come from a family of dancers? Artaissance offers a stunning array of art work to purchase featuring the elegant movement of dancers. When you look at art work like “In His Arms” and “The Freedom to Move” by Marysia, you can feel the motion of the dancers in your soul. The artist Marta Wiley also creates an elegant series of dance-related art work to purchase.

Does your family love good food? You will find plenty of food-related art work to purchase at Artaissance, from the dancing pears and peppers of Kim Marks to the colorful village food market scenes by Tim Vieth. Whatever your preferred artistic style, there is a cornucopia of food-related art work to purchase from our collection.

Featuring the art of over 140 artists, Artaissance is the premier place to go when looking for art work to purchase to suit your lifestyle. When you need art work to purchase, shop at Artaissance!

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“Flower Pot” Kate Endle

Buying home art decor is one of the many thrills of being a new homeowner or moving into a new apartment. Even if you haven’t moved recently, simply redecorating and freshening up your home art decor with new styles can make you feel like you’ve moved into a brand new place!

Home art decor reflects the attitude and spirit of those who live in the home. Some people like cozy, country home art decor while others prefer modern minimalism. Whether you prefer Mediterranean home art decor or a more metropolitan style, Artaissance has the right art for your home. Whatever your specific taste in home art decor, you will find the right art to suit your decorating palette when you shop at Artaissance.

Artaissance specializes in offering affordable home art decor to the discerning home decorator. If you require stylish, high-quality artwork from contemporary artists, Artaissance has exactly the home art decor to suit your needs. Our extensive contemporary art collection boasts over 3300 artworks that appeal to every decorating palette.

The collection of home art decor at Artaissance includes exclusive artwork from over 140 artists who work in a variety of styles and explore a diversity of subject matter. This allows you an abundance of choice when you shop for home art decor at Artaissance, where you will find home art decor for every room of your house.

One of the best things about buying home art decor from Artaissance is that you can buy art that is perfectly sized to fit your empty spaces. Once you fall in love with a certain piece of home art decor, you no longer have to worry about whether it is too big to fit in your bedroom or too small to fit in your family room. Artaissance can specially create the home art decor to suit your specific size needs!

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Art giclees are a trendy and affordable way to own a piece of artwork, and here’s why: original artwork is usually out of reach for most of us, because original art is so expensive. On the other hand, posters are cheap and childish. So what’s an art lover to do?!

Art giclees are an exciting new alternative to the cheap, flimsy posters that you tacked on your wall as a kid. Art giclees are also an upscale (yet affordable) alternative to the boring, mass-produced wall art that you can buy at WalMart.

Miguel Dominguez “A Summer Place”

What are art giclees? Art giclees are high-quality reproductions of original artwork that look just as good as the original. And best of all – art giclees are easy on the pocket!

The term “giclee” derives from a French term that means “to spray”. This describes the process that is used to create art giclees, in which tiny droplets of ink are sprayed onto the paper or canvas.

Using state of the art technology, at Artaissance we are able to capture the exact look and feel of each individual artwork that is for sale in our extensive collection of over 3300 artworks. Our advanced printing process creates art giclees on canvas or paper that are stunning reproductions of the original. Our art giclees are created with high quality archival materials, which means that they will last a lifetime.

If you need art giclees in a specific size, Artaissance has you covered! Our technology allows us to create art giclees in any size you need, ranging from a tiny 6” x 6” to a monumental 54” x 102”.

The collection of art available at Artaissance includes art giclees from over 140 contemporary artists, all working in a variety of styles that depict a wide range of subject matter. Whatever your taste in home décor, you will definitely find art giclees to suit your personal style.

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A giclee fine art print is the affordable alternative to buying original artwork. As such, a giclee fine art print can be a vital part of your art collection.

Giclee is French for “spray”, and basically refers to the technologically-advanced printmaking process in which thousands of tiny droplets of ink are squirted onto the substrate (either paper or canvas) where they mix to form seamless gradations of color. The result is a stunning giclee fine art print that captures the essence of the artist’s original piece.

Collectors of fine art are thrilled with the introduction of the giclee fine art print. If you can’t afford the original, a giclee fine art print is the next best thing.

A. Pell’s “Fields” – Giclee fine art at Artaissance

Giclee fine art prints are so detailed and are of such high quality that people often cannot tell the difference between a giclee fine art print and an original. Through state-of-the-art technology, giclee fine art prints are capable of recreating the tiny nuances that make each piece of art unique. A giclee fine art print is thus able to accurately reproduce everything the artist intended, allowing you to own a piece of the artist’s vision without denting your decorating budget.

You will find the perfect giclee fine art print for your decorating needs at Artaissance, where we offer over 3300 works of art by over 140 artists. All artworks are exclusive to Artaissance, so you won’t find these prints anywhere else.

Our high-tech printing process allows us to print artwork in nearly any size, from small to large. Whether you need a 6”x 6” giclee fine art print to fill a small niche or an oversized giclee fine art print to decorate your office lobby, Artaissance can create your print to the exact specifications that you need.

Because we use archival inks that are lightfast on high-quality canvas or paper, a giclee fine art print from Artaissance is a purchase that will last you a lifetime.

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“Carmel Bay” Miguel Dominguez

We all know the magic feeling of standing in awe at the oversized artwork that graces the walls in art museums – overwhelming in their grandeur, breathtaking in their expertise, and stunning at such a large scale. Afterwards, we’d rummage through the museum gift shop and buy a tiny postcard or poster, hoping to retain some of that special feeling that we felt amidst the oversized artwork.

Yet somehow tiny postcards and even poster reproductions fail to capture the true experience of standing in front of oversized artwork.

If you love being surrounded by oversized artwork, you’ll be thrilled to know that owning oversized artwork is now more affordable than ever. Through our state of the art printing process, Artaissance is proud to offer a wide range of oversized artwork that can actually be scaled to suit your specific sizing needs.

Whether you need oversized artwork for your living room or your office lobby, Artaissance can produce high-quality oversized artwork on canvas that reaches up to 54 inches by 102 inches – that is a staggering 4.5 feet by 8.5 feet!

The cost for original oversized artwork is often high, therefore discouraging. At Artaissance we offer fine art giclee prints that so closely resemble the original oversized artwork that you can hardly tell the difference. Our technologically advanced giclee printing process can fulfill your need for oversized artwork without bruising your bank account.

What is a fine art giclee? Giclee is a French word that means “spray”. It simply describes the reproduction process, in which tiny droplets of ink are sprayed onto canvas or paper, blending beautifully to create your special fine art print. Fine art giclees are far more upscale and long-lasting than posters.

Artaissance offers a wide variety of oversized artwork to suit every decorating style. Our massive collection of contemporary art boasts a wide range of talented artists producing oversized artwork in diverse styles. Whether you like traditional still life paintings or contemporary urban street art, Artaissance has the oversized artwork that expresses your inner spirit.

Big house? Bare walls? No problem – Artaissance has you covered!

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“Dogwood II” Thea Schrack

Art giclee prints are an affordable way to own a piece of contemporary art. For most people, original art is too costly. Posters don’t have staying power and don’t quite manage to capture the essence of the original. Art giclee prints are therefore the perfect solution for contemporary art collectors who want to own high-quality artwork without emptying their wallets.

Art giclee prints are high-quality reproductions of original artwork, created using state-of-the-art technology that allows us to recreate the original artwork right down to every slight nuance and tiny detail. Art giclee prints are often such high quality that it’s almost impossible to tell the original from the giclee!

Pronounced “Zhee Clay”, giclee is a French word that means “spray”. This term refers to the high-tech printing process for creating art giclee prints, in which tiny droplets of ink are sprayed across the canvas or paper. The ink mixes on the paper, creating a fine reproduction of the original that is unsurpassed in quality by any other reproduction methods.

The art giclee prints offered by Artaissance are created using archival inks on acid-free paper or canvas – meaning that these art giclee prints will last a long, long time. When you purchase art giclee prints from Artaissance, you are investing in art giclee prints that will stand the test of time, providing you with visual enjoyment for as long as you own the piece.

Art giclee prints are not only affordable and long-lasting – art giclee prints can also be printed to suit your specific size requirements. If you fall in love with an artwork at Artaissance, you don’t have to worry about whether the art giclee prints are too big or too small to fit in your space. You can select the size of the art giclee prints to suit your needs – from 6” x 6” to 54” x 102”. Now that’s a lot of choice!

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