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What is your personal approach to the art of style? Style is highly personal – no two people are exactly alike. The way you cultivate your art of style says a lot about who you are. It describes your personal flair!

When you buy home décor, you are showing the world your very own approach to the art of style. Choose art that expresses who you are! Whether your decorating art of style is chic, elegant, opulent, Zen, country or modern, Artaissance has exactly what you need to bring your art of style to life.

The chic art of style is apparent in the art of Nichole Sloan. Her close-up floral photographs emanate a spirit of fresh beauty. Nichole Sloan’s flower photographs are an ideal décor choice for those who appreciate a clean and classy approach to the art of style.

“Approaching” Nichole Sloan

Artwork from the New York Botanical Garden would appeal to those who favor the elegant art of style. Artworks such as “Peony #2” and “Merian Still Life #2” and add a dash of undeniable sophistication to any home décor setting. Due to the complementary color schemes used in pieces from this collection, these artworks can be easily mixed and matched to form a beautiful art display – a veritable homage to the time-honored art of style. These artworks, when combined with the opulent colors of pieces from the “Flore d’Amerique” series, would create a stunning display for those who appreciate the art of style and grandeur.

The art of style is the art of creating beauty in your living space. However you choose to define the fine art of style, you will find the artwork that you are looking for when you browse the extensive online art collection at Artaissance. With over 3300 artworks to choose from, you will find the artwork that defines your personal art of style.

Celebrate your own personal art of style by shopping for home art décor at Artaissance!

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“Elephant” Johnny Taylor

Buying art and home décor is your chance to express yourself! Your choice of art and home décor reveals a lot about you, speaking volumes about your interests, your personality, and your lifestyle. Through your choice of art and home décor, you can show the world who you really are.

Are you modern and funky, gravitating towards bright colors and creative designs? Or are you traditional and refined, drawn to the quiet eloquence of a still life or the peaceful serenity of a landscape? Whether your personal style for art and home décor is delicate and sophisticated or loud and gregarious, Artaissance has the right art and home décor to match your personality and spirit. From the bright colors of artist Johnny Taylor to the regal tones of the art from our Biltmore Collection, Artaissance offers a wide range of engaging art and home decor in a number of distinct styles.

What is the best way to choose the right art and home décor for your home?

“Garland, Basket” Biltmore Collection at Artaissance

When browsing through the contemporary art and home décor collection at Artaissance, take special note of the art and home decor that grabs your attention. These are the pieces of art and home decor that “speak” to you. Usually these are works of art and home decor that make you feel comfortable yet inspired. These works of art and home décor feel strangely familiar even if you’re not sure why. These are the pieces of art and home decor that will easily form the perfect backdrop for your life.

Art and home décor can serve many functions, such as creating harmony in our living space, providing inspiration and beauty, encouraging comfort and relaxation, and allowing visual self-expression. Art and home décor are important parts of what makes a house a home – a pleasant haven where you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy every moment together.

Artaissance welcomes you in your search for the right art and home décor to suit your needs, inviting you to decorate your home affordably in a style that is uniquely you!

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