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“Classical Chair Linen/Acorn” from Biltmore Collection

When you go to buy furniture, you most likely choose pieces that are aesthetically pleasing. But you probably never thought of furniture as “art” per se. Yet it can be and chairs art is a perfect example of that.

Chairs art can be the perfect addition to a room. Similar to a painting, chairs art is a way to add some bold color or fun personality to a room. One thing for sure, the right piece of chairs art will definitely be a conversation piece when you have company.

The concept of chairs art has even led to an annual exhibit in some cities. Westerville, Ohio has been the home of an annual chairs art show for nine years now. The chairs art exhibit is sponsored by Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. The great thing about an exhibit is that the creative display of chairs art may give you some great ideas of your own when it comes to using furniture as art.

For example, one of the most creative chairs art entrees in one of the Westerville shows was constructed out of a brightly colored assortment of soda cans. Now keep in mind you probably couldn’t actually sit in this particular chairs art piece. But think how fun a chairs art piece like that would be in a corner of your game room!

Another very creative piece of chairs art displayed at this Ohio exhibit was an adorable zebra chair. This chairs art number was painted with black and white zebra stripes. The zebra chairs art piece even had eyes, ears and a nose. Chairs art of any animal, like the zebra chair, would be perfect for a young child’s room. And unlike the soda can chair, you could actually sit in this chairs art piece.

If you are looking for creative and fun ways to decorate a room in your home, consider artistic furniture such as chairs art.

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