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Decor ideas with Liz Tran’s “A Piece of Tree”

When it comes to beautifying your home, there is nothing like interesting pieces of art for home décor. Art for home décor can brighten up a room, fill up an empty corner or add a splash of color to a plain white wall. Art for home décor is the perfect way to create accents with a variety of colors, shapes, textures and styles. In fact, using different types of art for home décor is the perfect way to make any space you live in uniquely yours. You can show your personality by choosing art that resonates with you when choosing art for home décor.

There are so many different ways you can use art for home décor. One of the most common types of art for home décor is a painting. A painting as art for home décor can open up a room, provide a great accent for a hallway, and even cover up an unsightly blemish. Paintings come in all shapes, sizes, color schemes and styles. As with any art for home décor, you can creatively group them together or just hang one by itself. If your budget for art for home décor is limited, you can purchase relatively inexpensive prints that you love.

Noelle Pollington “Poppies”

If you don’t really care for paintings, you can find beautiful art for home décor in other mediums. A well-framed photograph makes perfect art for home décor. While the photograph is the focal point, a well crafted and unique frame creates beautiful art for home decor. When you are considering photographs as art for home décor, choose ones that will compliment the colors around it. Photographs make excellent art for home décor because you can get them in just about any size. In a decorative frame a photograph is the perfect accent for a book shelf, a night stand, a dresser or wall.

As long as you are happy with the art for home décor that you choose, that is all that really counts. The options are plentiful when it comes to using art for home décor. Just use your imagination and you will start finding many types of art for home décor.

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It’s amazing what a difference the right artwork for a home can make. However, when you are decorating a new home it can be a bit daunting to decide on the perfect artwork for your home. There are a few key things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best artwork for home. Following are some tips for picking out artwork for your home.

Joseph Jackino “Victorian Lily Pads”

When it comes to artwork for your home, the first thing you need to determine is your budget. Artwork for the home can vary tremendously in price. You can find very inexpensive yet lovely artwork for home at a local budget or department store. You can also spend thousands of dollars or more on artwork for home if you want a collector’s item or an original work of a well-known artist. Setting your budget upfront is a great way to quickly limit your options for artwork for the home, thus making it much easier to decide.

A second and very key tip for choosing artwork for home is to determine what style will best fit your home. If you have a home filled with Victorian furniture and lacy curtains, abstract pieces are probably not going to be the best choice of artwork for your home. On the other hand, if your home is decorated with contemporary furniture that has a lot of simple clean lines, a Monet is probably not the right artwork for your home either. Also, a few well-placed pieces of artwork for home will fit better if avoiding a “busy” feel is your goal. Too much artwork for home can create an unwanted sense of clutter.

Last of all consider color when choosing artwork for home. Artwork for the home is often meant to be complimentary, not something that clashes. So, if you want artwork for your home that goes well with the lavender and ivory hues in your bedroom, then that bold orange floral painting is probably not the best choice. Following these three tips will help you choose the best artwork for your home.

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Kathy Croson’s “Autumn Tryptich 1”

Decorating with art is one of the best ways to personalize your home.  Decorating with art is also a great way to liven up a room with color and style. Decorating with art can be easy and fun, even if you have never done it before.  If you are not sure how to go about decorating with art, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

 One of the first tips for decorating with art is to do it one room at a time.  Each room in your home has a style and function, so decorating with art should follow suit.  When you are decorating with art, consider those two things along with the overall color theme of the room.  For example, if your dining room has a finely detailed antique table and chairs, decorating with art that is bold and abstract will most likely clash. 

“The Sound of Love” Leonardo Lanzolla

Decorating with art starting with wall hangings is a great place to start.  Decorating with art by hanging a framed painting or photograph above a bed or sofa can quickly bring a room to life.  When decorating with art, as mentioned previously, use colors that compliment the room’s color theme. 

Another thing you want to consider when decorating with art is the general mood you want to set for each room.  When decorating with art, choose art that fits with the ambience you want for that room.  For example, if your den is where you want to have peace and quiet for reading, then decorating with art such as tranquil landscapes or soft flowers will help elicit that mood. 

“Yellow Canoe, South of France” Keith Wicks

When decorating with art remember that color also affects mood.  Bright, vivid colors are great when decorating with art for the game room or family room.  Soft pastels or gentle hues may fit better when decorating with art for your den or bedroom.  Ultimately, when decorating with art, choose art that makes you feel good.  If you do that, you can’t go terribly wrong when decorating with art!

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If you love art and want to be a bit bold, then you may be the perfect candidate for big canvas art.  Big canvas art has become increasingly popular in recent years.  There is nothing more spectacular than a beautiful piece of big canvas art hanging in the perfect spot in your home.  Big canvas art can turn a plain, ordinary wall into a show-stopping focal point.  Not to mention, big canvas art almost always makes for a great conversation piece when you have company.

“Red Gerber” Nichole Sloan

If you have a home with a lot of empty space on your walls, then a few well chosen pieces of big canvas art may be the perfect addition.  Big canvas art can look amazing placed on the wall above your bed.  Big canvas art can also go beautifully over a fireplace.  A long rectangular piece of big canvas art can look spectacular hanging above your sofa.  If you start looking around your home you may quickly find several perfect spots for big canvas art.  A game room or family room is also a great place for a fun piece of big canvas art. 

 Another great place for big canvas art is the work place.  If you have a large office, big canvas art can add a gorgeous splash of color to one of the walls.  Also, if your office has a conference room, big canvas art may be ideal.  Waiting rooms and foyers, which are often rather bland, are excellent places to put a stunning piece or two of big canvas art.

 You can find just about any subject in big canvas art that you can find in traditional-sized art.  Flowers, landscapes, ocean beaches and city skylines are popular favorites for big canvas art.  With flowers, often one large single flower is the subject for big canvas art.   Sunsets and panoramic landscapes make especially gorgeous themes for big canvas art. 

Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be quickly noticed.  Big canvas art stands out no matter where you place it.

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When it comes to choosing home décor artwork, you want to choose pieces that will work in your home. You also want home décor artwork that you will love for years to come. In order to select the best home décor artwork, there are a few things you want to consider.

Before you go shopping for home décor artwork, take some time to peruse as much art as you can first. You may want to visit a local gallery or art exhibit to start getting some ideas for styles of home décor artwork. You may also want to look online at websites which feature home décor artwork. By taking your time looking at a variety of colors, styles, subjects and mediums for home décor artwork, you will have a much better idea of the types of home décor artwork that you like and don’t like.

“Purity” “Pink Bouquet” “Dandies in a Ming Vase”

The next thing you want to consider when deciding on home décor artwork is where you want to put it. If you are looking to use home décor artwork to provide accents to various small spaces in your home, then large pieces of home décor artwork won’t be what you need. On the other hand, if you want to make that empty wall space above your sofa a focal point, then a large piece of home décor artwork may be perfect. In other words, you want your home décor artwork to be proportionate and fit well with its surroundings.

If you already have some home décor artwork in a room, then it usually works best to select other home décor artwork of similar styles and color themes. For example, if the primary piece of home décor artwork in your bedroom contains soft pastel-colored flowers, a boldly colored abstract piece of home décor artwork will most likely clash.

Choosing the perfect home décor artwork may seem a bit challenging at first, but ultimately you want to pick pieces you love and which make you feel good.

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What’s better than discovering art that fits? There is an indescribable joy in finding art that fits so well on your walls that when you look at it, you know it belongs there. When you find art that fits so well like that, you know you’ve found the best place to shop every time you want a new piece of art.

So where can you buy art that fits all your needs? Artaissance is the premiere online destination to buy art that fits perfectly in your home or office. Whether you are totally redecorating or just looking for a new artwork to hang on your living room, Artaissance has the art to suit every decorating palette.

“Seaside” Fred Lisaius

At Artaissance, you can spend hours browsing through the online collection of over 3300 artworks. With such a great selection, it’s easy to find a wide variety of art that fits your style. With genres ranging from floral to photography, figurative to abstract, and everything else in between – you have a high chance of discovering art that fits when you shop at Artaissance.

When you need a specific size of art, you can literally find the art that fits your exact needs at Artaissance. The high-tech printing process at Artaissance is able to create art that fits your necessary dimensions. If you need a small piece of art that fits in your bathroom or kitchen, you can order art from Artaissance as small as 6” x 6”. If you need a large piece of art that fits behind your sofa, you can order art as large as 54” x 108”.

Thanks to the special custom sizing option at Artaissance, you will always find the art that fits your decorating needs. You’ll also find art that fits your budget! Our giclee art prints are just as high-quality as original artworks, at only a fraction of the cost.

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Jane Guthridge “Floating World 3″

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find art sized exactly as you need it for that special spot on your blank wall? Now you can! At Artaissance, we offer art sized to your needs, whether it’s big or small. If you need large art sized to fit over your fireplace – we’ve got you covered. If you need small art sized to fit in a tight corner, we can fill your needs.

Artaissance allows you to buy the right art sized for your home. You no longer have to keep a constant eye out for an odd shaped artwork to fit in that elongated 14” x 34” gap on your wall. You can simply use our advanced search tool to browse our vast collection of art for vertical images in your preferred style. Then use your “custom sizing” tool to instantly calculate whether we can provide that art sized to fill your gap. Easy!

Artaissance offers over 3300 works of contemporary art from over 140 artists, which means you have plenty of choices when you are searching for art sized for your home. Artaissance carries art sized for your needs in a variety of styles, such as Americana, abstract, kids, metropolitan, and nature art. You can find art sized to the length or width that you need from landscapes to still life to modern abstracts.

Buying art sized to your needs is a convenient way of finding art sized to fit those awkward empty spaces in your home and office. To add to the convenience, try our Art Sample program. This program allows you to be a sample of the art sized to fit on 5.5” x 8.5” canvas or paper. This art sample will allow you to more easily visualize the art sized to the different areas of your home or office.

Houses come in all different sizes and styles, and so does art. Buy art sized to fit perfectly in your home from Artaissance!

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Canvas art for the home is a great way to add color and personality to your home. The right piece of canvas art for the home can liven up a dull room. Brightly colored canvas art for the home can lift your spirits, whereas soft or subdued canvas art for the home can bring a feeling of serenity. There are so many choices of canvas art for the home. No matter your decorating needs or your tastes in style, you can definitely find the perfect piece of canvas art for the home.

When choosing canvas art for the home the first thing is to consider size. Do you need a large piece of canvas art for the home, perhaps for a large empty wall? Or do you need several small pieces of canvas art for the home to hang as a group or separately on a smaller wall space? Size is a good place to start when choosing the right piece of canvas art for the home.

Mary Clakins “Fantasia”

Another thing to consider with regards to canvas art for the home is color. Choose canvas art for the home that has colors which go well with its surroundings. A piece of canvas art for the home with clashing colors will be an eyesore rather than something to enjoy. Canvas art for the home that has complementary colors can have an amazing impact on a room.

The subject matter of the piece of canvas art for the home is also a key thing to consider. Like color, pick canvas art for the home that fits well with the rest of the room. For example, a single, strong playing card element such as a clover, as canvas art for the home would be perfect in your game room.

Follow these simple tips and you will easily find the perfect piece or pieces of canvas art for the home!

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“Classical Chair Linen/Acorn” from Biltmore Collection

When you go to buy furniture, you most likely choose pieces that are aesthetically pleasing. But you probably never thought of furniture as “art” per se. Yet it can be and chairs art is a perfect example of that.

Chairs art can be the perfect addition to a room. Similar to a painting, chairs art is a way to add some bold color or fun personality to a room. One thing for sure, the right piece of chairs art will definitely be a conversation piece when you have company.

The concept of chairs art has even led to an annual exhibit in some cities. Westerville, Ohio has been the home of an annual chairs art show for nine years now. The chairs art exhibit is sponsored by Gallery 202, Partners in Art, Inc. The great thing about an exhibit is that the creative display of chairs art may give you some great ideas of your own when it comes to using furniture as art.

For example, one of the most creative chairs art entrees in one of the Westerville shows was constructed out of a brightly colored assortment of soda cans. Now keep in mind you probably couldn’t actually sit in this particular chairs art piece. But think how fun a chairs art piece like that would be in a corner of your game room!

Another very creative piece of chairs art displayed at this Ohio exhibit was an adorable zebra chair. This chairs art number was painted with black and white zebra stripes. The zebra chairs art piece even had eyes, ears and a nose. Chairs art of any animal, like the zebra chair, would be perfect for a young child’s room. And unlike the soda can chair, you could actually sit in this chairs art piece.

If you are looking for creative and fun ways to decorate a room in your home, consider artistic furniture such as chairs art.

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“Edge of Happiness XI” by Sheryl Westergreen at

When it comes to art for home décor, you will often choose your artwork by size. Purchasing your new artwork by size is important because one of the most common mistakes buyers make is not taking various size factors into consideration. Buying artwork by size will save you disappointment later on, and you will enjoy the art more because it fits the space well.

The first tip is to choose the artwork by size of the wall space where it will hang. Small artwork by size will look out of place on a huge empty wall. Also, really large pieces of artwork by size will appear awkward in very limited wall space. Keep in mind when choosing artwork by size that the height of the ceiling may also be important. Choose artwork by size that leaves a proportionate amount of space between the top of the piece and the ceiling.

The second tip is to consider the other elements in the room when choosing artwork by size. A large sofa just below a relative large piece of artwork by size will look balanced. Likewise, a small dresser or chair next to a smaller piece of artwork by size works very well. The goal is to choose a piece of artwork by size that neither diminishes the nearby furnishings, nor gets lost or overlooked.

In other words, a good general rule of thumb when choosing your artwork by size is to hang smaller pieces in small wall spaces, and larger pieces in large spaces. Likewise, choose smaller artwork by size to go next to smaller pieces of furniture, and larger artwork by size to hang near your large pieces of furniture. Choosing the appropriate artwork by size will help balance the room and keep it proportionate, which is generally more aesthetically pleasing.

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