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1122411-stephen-henning-1226675One of the hardest parts of selecting artwork is trying to visualize the piece in your space.  When you shop for artwork at galleries or home stores, it is often difficult to get art samples to help you decide if the piece is right for you.  When you work with Artaissance, getting art samples is quick and easy.

Our “Try Before You Buy” art samples program is designed to make the decision process as easy as possible.  With literally thousands of beautiful pieces of artwork to view, we know that finding that one right piece can be a challenge.  When you have several pieces in your personal gallery and only one or two spots in your home, making the final decision is tough.  That is why we started our art samples program.


As you narrow your potential purchases to the final favorites, it is time to take advantage of the Artaissance art samples program.  Ordering art samples for those pieces you are considering is simple.  You will be able to select if your art samples are produced on conservation quality paper or canvas.  Choose the same substrate for the art samples that you anticipate using for the final piece.  This will make the decision process easier.  Your 5.5” x 8.5” art samples will then be custom printed and sent to your home.  These highly affordable art samples are priced at only $5 each.  Better yet, when you decide which piece of art work you want to purchase, the $5 cost for the sample will be applied to your final purchase price.

Our no risk art samples program really does make the decision making process easier.  To begin viewing the many pieces of stunning artwork in our collection, simply visit Artaissance.

For more information on our art samples program, click here.