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Luis Fernandez Hebrero, the Madrid, Spain born impressionist painter is influenced by the mountains of Campillo de Ranas during the summer and his hometown of Torero de Ardoz year round. Love of nature drew Luis Fernandez Hebrero to study biology at the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid, Spain. While studying, Luis Fernandez Hebrero travelled throughout Europe and suddenly the imagination of Luis Fernandez Hebrero was captured by the great masters like Velazquez, Tiziano and Rembrandt. This shifted Luis Fernandez Hebrero to begin studying art. This unique duo of backgrounds in both botany and art allows Luis Fernandez Hebrero to capture the landscape of his beloved Spain in a unique and distinct manner.

“Paisage 2” Luis Fernandez Hebrero

In the striking painting, Paisage 2, translated to mean “Landscape 2″, Luis Fernandez Hebrero uses the advantage of a high viewpoint to lay out a scenic Spanish village before us on canvas. The unique technique of Luis Fernandez Hebrero is immediately recognizable. Though technically an impressionist artist, you can see influences of cubism and pointillism in Luis Fernandez Hebrero’s work. Using large square, succinct blocks of color, and the image of Luis Fernandez Hebrero’s village takes form. By examining the edges of the swatches of paint, one can see that Luis Fernandez Hebrero probably uses his palate knife to create Paisage 2, instead of the traditional brush. Close-up, the scene becomes an abstraction of rectangular hues, and when taking a step back, Luis Fernandez Hebrero’s detailed and beautifully composed landscape takes shape before your eyes.

Luis Fernandez Hebrero is a master of color. Luis Fernandez Hebrero is uses violets and grapes to resemble countryside filled with blooms, grayed greens to symbolize the rolling, grassy hillside. Burnt oranges makeup the rooftops of the white buildings in the town Luis Fernandez Hebrero depicts. The light Luis Fernandez Hebrero captures in his landscapes seems to brighten his paintings from within, making the work glow with a golden cast. When looking at a painting by Luis Fernandez Hebrero, one is grateful for his background in botany and art, and the ability of Luis Fernandez Hebrero to capture the resplendence of the natural world alongside the old world towns of Madrid in such a expert manner.

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“Sentines” impressionist art by Ted Goerschner

Ted Goerschner was born to make art. Inspired by his grandfather, a successful artist himself, Ted Goerschner knew art would be a part of his life from a very early age. Drawing by the age of six, Ted Goerschner says of his lifelong passion for art, “I guess it runs in the family.” Ted Goerschner continues, saying, “I never wanted to be anything else. I tried other things; they never worked.” Ted Goerschner began working diligently at creating a career for himself. Studying technique and theory was part of Ted Goerschner’s art curriculum at the Newark, New Jersey School of Fine and Industrial Art, Tampa University and the Art Student’s League in New York City. This strong foundation in art has enabled Ted Goerschner to work as an artist for over forty years now.

Though described by others as an American Impressionist, Ted Goerschner’s art can certainly appear realistic from afar. Ted Goerschner says of his art, “The ultimate impressionistic expression is pure abstraction…my central theme is to put down as much as I can with as little as possible, expressing it all with shape, tone and color.” This conservation of paint is evident in Ted Goerschner’s artwork entitled Sentines. When titling this piece of art, Ted Goerschner used a play on words. Sentines translates from French to English as “bilge”, a word with dual meanings that apply to Ted Goerschner’s art. Bilge can be a nautical term referring to the gaining of water in a ship, yet it can also define the way in which white paint turns yellow in hue over a period of time, or how Ted Goerschner tinted the piece. Both of these definitions suit Sentines by Ted Goerschner; there is a yellow cast to the whiter areas of the piece, and there is also a small body of water along the horizon of this piece of art by Ted Goerschner. Above all, Ted Goerschner’s art displays a mature and refined use of painterly brushstrokes to capture both the light and shadow. Ted Goerschner was named Oil Painter of America in 2001.

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Artist Tim Howe

Artist Tim Howe creates contemporary pieces of dramatic landscapes. The bright colors and animated brushstrokes Tim Howe uses aid his style. Tim Howe was born in New Zealand and is currently splitting his time between studios in San Diego, California and Barcelona, Spain. One can sense Tim Howe’s love of the wide open places of beauty in his art. An avid traveler, the artist Tim Howe explains the motivation behind his work in saying, “As a landscape artist, I am naturally inspired to paint by what I see in nature.” Tim Howe continues, “Since I come from a strong graphic design background, I tend to draw upon this experience in creating my paintings.” This influence is obvious. “I accomplish this by utilizing the disciplines of both impressionism and abstraction,” finishes Tim Howe.

The personalized style of using textured paint on canvas to create light and shadow around his landscapes lends Tim Howe the tools as an artist allowing him to create modern looking interpretations of traditional subject matter. When describing the way he composes his canvases, artist Tim Howe says, “I’m predisposed to thinking in terms of images as either positive or negative shapes, while isolating the most important colours.” Tim Howe continues, “I see this as a more graphic and more contemporary way of painting. I find myself using nature’s elements, along with its’ shapes and images.”

This progressive painterly means of turning treetops into spheres or ovals and treating grasses as lines of movement, allow Tim Howe to ultimately express himself as an artist. Of the importance of wilderness to all people, not just the artist, Tim Howe says, “Having art surround us, as does nature, is crucial to all of our lives.” Continuing, Tim Howe says, “It’s important to me that art remain an equalizer in society…available to all…exclusive to none.” This urge within Tim Howe allows the artist to present the viewers of Tim Howe’s work with the gift of fine art that will stand the test of time.

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A New Zealand native, artist Tim Howe knew beauty from an early age. In the open wilderness of his childhood, Tim Howe found the natural beauty with which he would continue to fall in love.

Tim Howe’s “Cielo del Oro”

New Zealand isn’t the only landscape that influences Tim Howe’s paintings. His European travels and a one year soul-searching journey back to New Zealand included stops in Seattle and at Vancouver Island, which indelibly sank into Tim Howe’s mind. These varied, yet similarly vast expanses of land are what capture the imagination of the mind of Tim Howe today as he creates his modern impressionist landscapes.

The way Tim Howe uses the brush is just as much a signature of his pieces as is his name. Tim Howe has great control over how the paint works between the brush and his canvas. This maneuvering allows Tim Howe to create a sense of movement and great texture within his pieces.

Natural light is another important aspect to Tim Howe’s paintings. Whether it’s the light bouncing off the leaves on his red trees or the tips of the grasses lit from a golden glow, Tim Howe understands the play of light within objects in nature and always seems to paint a landscape at its best time of day. Tim Howe’s easy way of capturing the light comes from his trip to “paint in the light and the colors of the Mediterranean.” This journey for Tim Howe resulted in a studio he frequents in Barcelona, Spain.


“Stream Through the Autumn Tree” Tim Howe

When one first encounters Tim Howe’s paintings it is easy to think they remind you of landscapes painted in the traditional style of realism. However, when the viewer gets closer to Tim Howe’s work, his easy, representational style seems to overpower the subject of the work. Somehow, the way Tim Howe’s brushstrokes move across the canvas is the focal point. This painterly way in which Tim Howe conveys an energy to the viewer is uniquely his own.

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The art of David Marty is truly breathtaking.  His unique style gently blends rich colors to create idyllic landscapes.  David Marty paintings are consistently tranquil in their stunning beauty. 

David Marty is a California native initially from Palo Alto.  David Marty was a student of art at three different colleges including Scottsdale Artist’s School.  He initially worked as an illustrator for a publishing company in California and also did some work as a graphic designer.  David Marty later had his own studio in which he continued his design work.  In recent years David Marty has been oil painting which is his passion.  French Impressionism has been one of the key inspirations for David Marty’s art.  

Breathtaking scenery – David Marty’s “Alpine Hike”

David Marty and his family make their home in Edmonds, Washington.  The exquisite scenery of the Pacific Northwest is often reflected in David Marty’s paintings.  One in particular, David Marty’s stunning “Alpine Hike”, does this beautifully.  It portrays a gently sloping mountain side complete with blooming lavender flowers and towering evergreen trees. 

David Marty’s Autumnal “Golden Strand”

Another spectacular David Marty work is “Golden Strand”, which shows a beautiful autumn scene.  In the center is a small grove of trees with gold foliage surrounded by lush green pasture.  David Marty masterfully utilizes a softly overcast sky for the background.  A small stream of water gently reflects the cloudy sky, giving this David Marty painting a wonderfully calm, quiet mood.

David Marty has an amazing way with softly flowing brush strokes of incredible color.  Many of David Marty’s pastoral scenes utilize bold colors while others use a delicate combination of soft hues to draw you in.   If you love peaceful nature scenes, you definitely must check out the art of David Marty.  A David Marty painting will add an elegant touch to any living room, dining room, family room or office.

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