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Jill Tishman “The Pond”

Jill Tishman is a brilliantly creative artist whose magic is inspired by the music she always has playing. Initially from the bay area, Jill Tishman started out studying, and then teaching philosophy. In more recent years however, Jill Tishman found art to be her true calling. Jill Tishman went back to school in the late 1980s where she studied art. Jill Tishman began to master her amazing talent at the well-known San Francisco Art Institute.

Jill Tishman resides in California with her husband, where she has a beautiful studio in the lovely Santa Fe hills. Jill Tishman’s large studio enables her to produce spectacular works of art which are often several feet high and a few feet wide.

In interviews Jill Tishman has indicated that music playing while she works is a must for her creativity to flow. She enjoys a wide variety of music ranging from rock to classical. Being a lover of dance also, Jill Tishman will at times start dancing when she is working on one of her breathtaking pieces of art.

The mediums used by Jill Tishman primarily include charcoal, ink, and pastels. While much of the art of Jill Tishman is full of color, she is also known for stunning black and white pieces. When Jill Tishman first starts a new piece, she creates a charcoal and ink sketch. After that she uses pastels to create the beautiful colors seen in most Jill Tishman artwork.

The art of Jill Tishman usually focuses on nature scenes. Pathways lined with trees are frequently the focal point of a Jill Tishman piece, representing the ongoing journey throughout one’s life. Her passion and emotional depth clearly show in her work. The emotion behind each piece can be strongly felt as you gaze at one of Jill Tishman’s tree-lined roads or colorful skies.

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