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Matthew Hasty “Sunrise on Polk Landing”

Artist Matthew Hasty is from the American South above all else. Matthew Hasty’s background of living alongside the expansive skies of the South and the pull of the Mighty Mississippi River have shaped Matthew Hasty’s paintings as nothing else could possibly have done. “My fascination with the Mississippi river and the landscapes of this region have made them my predominant subject matter,” says Matthew Hasty of his paintings. It is this love for landscapes and riverscapes that inform Matthew Hasty’s ethereal and heavenly paintings of the American South.

The calm beauty of the majestic river Mark Twain so loved is the main theme in Polk Landing, a vertically oriented painting of a specific bend in Mississippi River in Tunica, Mississippi by Matthew Hasty. Many critics describe Matthew Hasty’s pieces as “hauntingly beautiful”. Polk Landing by Matthew Hasty captures the river just as the sun is rising, or setting, depending on the interpretation of the viewer. The sun, sky and clouds reflected in the water are also an ever-present theme in the work of Matthew Hasty. A member of The Cloud Appreciation Society, a group with an obsessive love of the full white tufts, one can see Matthew Hasty’s adoration for the unique skies of the South reflected in his work. In Polk Landing, Matthew Hasty uses the fully clouded sky as a marvelously brilliant backdrop for the river.

“As an artist I am interested in values of light. I attempt to make paintings that evoke various moods created by atmospheric phenomena,” reveals Matthew Hasty about his abundance of paintings that capture the light. In Polk Landing by Matthew Hasty, a crop of trees are dark green-black shadows standing to the right side of Matthew Hasty’s composition, framing the river with a contrasting frame. The blue and gold river appears almost still in the painting by Matthew Hasty, though the Mississippi is known to churn at 1.2 miles per hour, on average. This ability to capture the riverscape at a unique period of time is one of Matthew Hasty’s most valuable qualities as a painter. His love for the South flows through his beloved river in his paintings and the viewer is privileged to be present at this rare and sacred place Matthew Hasty so lovingly represents.

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Sarah Waldron’s “Umbrian Hills I”

Artist Sarah Waldron believes art is not an accident, and it doesn’t just happen. Says Sarah Waldron, “I believe an artist’s style and approach do not happen spontaneously. It is a history that grows with the child to the mature artist.” The history of Sarah Waldron, then, must be important to her work, especially when we learn Sarah Waldron always enjoyed helping her mother in the garden as a child, just as she dreamed of becoming a partner in her father’s architectural firm. Sarah Waldron eventually grew into the profession of graphic design and illustration. Then, she followed her true passion of creating fine art, and these influences inform Sarah Waldron’s work today. “I have built a painting from a blank white canvas. My paintings have structure and graphic elements that act as building blocks to move the eye and create patterns of light, value and color. My love of landscape and how the climate changes affect nature as a subject matter harkens back to my childhood activities and love of the outdoors.”, says Sarah Waldron of her work.

Study Sarah Waldron’s painting, Umbrian Hills I, a typical representation of her larger body of work, and one sees Sarah Waldron’s background as a budding gardener in the loving way in which she treats the landscape. The gentle strokes of the brush Sarah Waldron uses in Umbrian Hills I, seem to coax the trees and grasses into existence. Sarah Waldron’s calm palate of golden yellows and greens highlighted with soft blues and grays. This use of color also points to the gentle way Sarah Waldron views the products of the earth. The painting of the undulating hills topped with fences of trees that define the plots of the farmland is given a nostalgic quality through Sarah Waldron’s use of light definition between objects that cast a unifying haze to the entire piece of art.

However the paintings of Sarah Waldron evolved, the artist has captured a style of manipulating impressionist brush strokes, rich and thick with paint, into incredibly realistic works when viewed from afar. This talent belongs to the true artist within Sarah Waldron, the true passion artist Sarah Waldron was obviously meant to follow.

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“Sentines” impressionist art by Ted Goerschner

Ted Goerschner was born to make art. Inspired by his grandfather, a successful artist himself, Ted Goerschner knew art would be a part of his life from a very early age. Drawing by the age of six, Ted Goerschner says of his lifelong passion for art, “I guess it runs in the family.” Ted Goerschner continues, saying, “I never wanted to be anything else. I tried other things; they never worked.” Ted Goerschner began working diligently at creating a career for himself. Studying technique and theory was part of Ted Goerschner’s art curriculum at the Newark, New Jersey School of Fine and Industrial Art, Tampa University and the Art Student’s League in New York City. This strong foundation in art has enabled Ted Goerschner to work as an artist for over forty years now.

Though described by others as an American Impressionist, Ted Goerschner’s art can certainly appear realistic from afar. Ted Goerschner says of his art, “The ultimate impressionistic expression is pure abstraction…my central theme is to put down as much as I can with as little as possible, expressing it all with shape, tone and color.” This conservation of paint is evident in Ted Goerschner’s artwork entitled Sentines. When titling this piece of art, Ted Goerschner used a play on words. Sentines translates from French to English as “bilge”, a word with dual meanings that apply to Ted Goerschner’s art. Bilge can be a nautical term referring to the gaining of water in a ship, yet it can also define the way in which white paint turns yellow in hue over a period of time, or how Ted Goerschner tinted the piece. Both of these definitions suit Sentines by Ted Goerschner; there is a yellow cast to the whiter areas of the piece, and there is also a small body of water along the horizon of this piece of art by Ted Goerschner. Above all, Ted Goerschner’s art displays a mature and refined use of painterly brushstrokes to capture both the light and shadow. Ted Goerschner was named Oil Painter of America in 2001.

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Artist Tim Howe

Artist Tim Howe creates contemporary pieces of dramatic landscapes. The bright colors and animated brushstrokes Tim Howe uses aid his style. Tim Howe was born in New Zealand and is currently splitting his time between studios in San Diego, California and Barcelona, Spain. One can sense Tim Howe’s love of the wide open places of beauty in his art. An avid traveler, the artist Tim Howe explains the motivation behind his work in saying, “As a landscape artist, I am naturally inspired to paint by what I see in nature.” Tim Howe continues, “Since I come from a strong graphic design background, I tend to draw upon this experience in creating my paintings.” This influence is obvious. “I accomplish this by utilizing the disciplines of both impressionism and abstraction,” finishes Tim Howe.

The personalized style of using textured paint on canvas to create light and shadow around his landscapes lends Tim Howe the tools as an artist allowing him to create modern looking interpretations of traditional subject matter. When describing the way he composes his canvases, artist Tim Howe says, “I’m predisposed to thinking in terms of images as either positive or negative shapes, while isolating the most important colours.” Tim Howe continues, “I see this as a more graphic and more contemporary way of painting. I find myself using nature’s elements, along with its’ shapes and images.”

This progressive painterly means of turning treetops into spheres or ovals and treating grasses as lines of movement, allow Tim Howe to ultimately express himself as an artist. Of the importance of wilderness to all people, not just the artist, Tim Howe says, “Having art surround us, as does nature, is crucial to all of our lives.” Continuing, Tim Howe says, “It’s important to me that art remain an equalizer in society…available to all…exclusive to none.” This urge within Tim Howe allows the artist to present the viewers of Tim Howe’s work with the gift of fine art that will stand the test of time.

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If there was a way to paint poetry onto canvas, artist A Pell certainly figured it out. A Pell is truly a genius when it comes to painting breathtaking landscapes. The works of A Pell are the perfect combination of photorealism and artistic expression. At first glance an A Pell painting looks almost like a photograph, yet upon closer inspection you see the brilliant creativity of A Pell’s delicate brush strokes. I fell in love with the art of A Pell the moment I first saw one of his paintings.

A European artist who now resides in Canada, A Pell obtained his Master’s degree in 1987. A Pell graduated from the Nicolai Pavlovich Academy of Fine Art. It is not surprising when you look at A Pell’s work that he was influenced by the lush Mediterranean landscapes of his homeland.

“At the Marina” A. Pell

A Pell uses color in unique ways to bring out the subtle characteristics of each scene he paints. A Pell’s art often depicts gorgeously tranquil nature scenes of tree-lined roads and idyllic countrysides. A few of the works of A Pell include picturesque marinas lined with boats. A Pell is a master at creating an inspiring, peaceful mood that draws you into each painting.

While there isn’t an A Pell painting that I don’t like, there are two that I find especially exquisite. The first of these is A Pell’s “Near Creamore”. This painting is a beautiful autumn scene filled with vividly colorful foliage. A Pell creatively combines soft yellow hues with rich purples and reds to create this stunning painting reminiscent of a perfect fall day.

A. Pell landscape, “B”

The other A Pell masterpiece that I absolutely adore is simply entitled “B”. It shows a long straight road gently stretching over hilly landscape, eventually disappearing into the horizon. A Pell skillfully created a lush green countryside with a rich blue sky filled with billowy white cumulus clouds. This A Pell work reminds me of a perfect summer day. A Pell is definitely an artist whose work will enhance any home or office!

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If you have never seen the incredible work of Massachusetts-based artist Ann Christensen, you have really been missing out. Ann Christensen is a remarkably talented artist who specializes in creating beautiful idyllic landscapes with simple brush strokes and vivid colors. Ann Christensen paintings gently flow with elegant simplicity. They draw you in while eliciting an amazing calm. You can easily get lost in the tranquil countrysides for which Ann Christensen is known.

Ann Christensen is a master at transforming a seemingly simple subject, such as a house or body of water, into the eye-catching focal point of each work. Creative use of color, subtle perspective, and stunning skies are hallmarks of Ann Christensen art.

“Smile” Ann Christensen

Many Ann Christensen paintings include a small building or two in lush surroundings. “Smile” is an Ann Christensen piece which depicts barn resting against an encroaching forest of evergreens. The sky looks down with clouds that seem to smile over the broad expanse of field and distant mountains. This Ann Christensen piece is ideal for an outdoor lover.

Another one of my favorite Ann Christensen works is aptly titled “Rendevous”. This thought-provoking Ann Christensen piece shows a simple dirt road surrounded by lush green pastures and farm outbuilding. In this scene Ann Christensen brilliantly taps into your emotions and imagination, allowing you to ponder what lies ahead just beyond the horizon.

Of all the Ann Christensen paintings I have seen, “East / West” is my most favorite. This stunning work hints of autumn with vivid red foliage in the foreground, and a peaceful lake in the distance. Ann Christensen makes brilliant use of contrasting bold red and soft light blues in this particular painting.

Ann Christensen’s “Rendezvous”

Ann Christensen art is perfect if you especially love paintings that are not overly busy but are rich with color. The paintings of Ann Christensen would definitely be stunning accents to almost any room in your home. There are many Ann Christensen pieces to choose from so you should easily find one that you love.

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If you want to enhance your home’s décor with stunning views of pastoral country sides then you must consider David Marty art.  David Marty art is influenced by a combination of French Impressionism and the breathtaking Pacific Northwest scenery where the artist lives.  David Marty art consists of soft brushstrokes and brilliant use of color and light.  The idyllic scenes portrayed in David Marty art will elicit feelings of tranquility as you find yourself lost in them.  The art of David Marty is a great way to enhance your home’s décor. 

 When it comes to David Marty art, there are several pieces that are especially spectacular.  Each one shows his artistic genius. David Marty art takes ordinary landscapes and transforms them into magical places.  When you look at David Marty art, it will no doubt fondly remind you of somewhere you have once been. 

“Summer Dreamin”

“Summer Dreamin” is a David Mary art piece that is reminiscent of a carefree summer day at the river.  The gently flowing river is lined with soft green banks in this beautiful work of David Marty art.  Another beautiful summer scene in the collection of David Marty art is titled “Almost There”.  This stunning oil has a country road slowly curving through luscious trees.  A vivid blue sky with fluffy soft white clouds completes the warm feel of this David Marty art piece. 

David Marty’s “Sundown”

The David Marty art piece aptly titled “Sundown” depicts an incredible sunset with brilliant gold and orange hues reflecting on the glassy surface of a lake.  “Sundown” is truly one of the most stunning works of David Marty art.  Another exquisite piece of David Marty art is his “October Reflection”.  As the title suggests, a quiet lake mirrors the golden-leaved trees lining its banks in this David Marty art piece. 

These are just a small representation of David Marty art.  There are many more dazzling works to choose from for your decorating needs.  If you are looking for elegant and tasteful art, then David Marty art is the perfect choice. 

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The art of David Marty is truly breathtaking.  His unique style gently blends rich colors to create idyllic landscapes.  David Marty paintings are consistently tranquil in their stunning beauty. 

David Marty is a California native initially from Palo Alto.  David Marty was a student of art at three different colleges including Scottsdale Artist’s School.  He initially worked as an illustrator for a publishing company in California and also did some work as a graphic designer.  David Marty later had his own studio in which he continued his design work.  In recent years David Marty has been oil painting which is his passion.  French Impressionism has been one of the key inspirations for David Marty’s art.  

Breathtaking scenery – David Marty’s “Alpine Hike”

David Marty and his family make their home in Edmonds, Washington.  The exquisite scenery of the Pacific Northwest is often reflected in David Marty’s paintings.  One in particular, David Marty’s stunning “Alpine Hike”, does this beautifully.  It portrays a gently sloping mountain side complete with blooming lavender flowers and towering evergreen trees. 

David Marty’s Autumnal “Golden Strand”

Another spectacular David Marty work is “Golden Strand”, which shows a beautiful autumn scene.  In the center is a small grove of trees with gold foliage surrounded by lush green pasture.  David Marty masterfully utilizes a softly overcast sky for the background.  A small stream of water gently reflects the cloudy sky, giving this David Marty painting a wonderfully calm, quiet mood.

David Marty has an amazing way with softly flowing brush strokes of incredible color.  Many of David Marty’s pastoral scenes utilize bold colors while others use a delicate combination of soft hues to draw you in.   If you love peaceful nature scenes, you definitely must check out the art of David Marty.  A David Marty painting will add an elegant touch to any living room, dining room, family room or office.

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Jill Tishman “The Pond”

Jill Tishman is a brilliantly creative artist whose magic is inspired by the music she always has playing. Initially from the bay area, Jill Tishman started out studying, and then teaching philosophy. In more recent years however, Jill Tishman found art to be her true calling. Jill Tishman went back to school in the late 1980s where she studied art. Jill Tishman began to master her amazing talent at the well-known San Francisco Art Institute.

Jill Tishman resides in California with her husband, where she has a beautiful studio in the lovely Santa Fe hills. Jill Tishman’s large studio enables her to produce spectacular works of art which are often several feet high and a few feet wide.

In interviews Jill Tishman has indicated that music playing while she works is a must for her creativity to flow. She enjoys a wide variety of music ranging from rock to classical. Being a lover of dance also, Jill Tishman will at times start dancing when she is working on one of her breathtaking pieces of art.

The mediums used by Jill Tishman primarily include charcoal, ink, and pastels. While much of the art of Jill Tishman is full of color, she is also known for stunning black and white pieces. When Jill Tishman first starts a new piece, she creates a charcoal and ink sketch. After that she uses pastels to create the beautiful colors seen in most Jill Tishman artwork.

The art of Jill Tishman usually focuses on nature scenes. Pathways lined with trees are frequently the focal point of a Jill Tishman piece, representing the ongoing journey throughout one’s life. Her passion and emotional depth clearly show in her work. The emotion behind each piece can be strongly felt as you gaze at one of Jill Tishman’s tree-lined roads or colorful skies.

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Max Hayslette the artist grew up in West Virginia. He studied art in Illinois where he attended the Art Institute of Chicago. Artist Max Hayslette graduated from there in 1952. Max Hayslette is an artist who specializes in creating spectacular landscapes. Many world travels have inspired artist Max Hayslette, as can be seen in his work. In fact several of his works portray beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Max Hayslette’s “Hills of Tuscany I”

The art of Max Hayslette is both romantic and spiritual. His is a master at using colors which emanate warmth and feeling. This incredible artist, Max Hayslette, prefers to start a piece by spending some time at the site which is the subject of his painting. Initial photos and sketches form the basis of artist Max Hayslette’s beautiful works. Artist Max Hayslette also pays close attention to the differences in color temperature of the exotic places he paints.

Max Hayslette the artist is quite well known. Over 300 companies and institutions display the phenomenal works of artist Max Hayslette. Wells Fargo Bank and Stanford University are two places which have pieces by the talented artist Max Hayslette.

While all of artist Max Hayslette’s art is spectacular, there are two pieces in particular which are absolutely stunning. The first is artist Max Hayslette’s work titled “Sunset on Otter Creek”. This eye-catching piece by Max Hayslette the artist portrays a tranquil creek lined by soft green banks blooming with colorful flowers. Artist Max Hayslette shows his exceptional skills with light and color in this piece.

Another work by Max Hayslette, artist, which is truly breathtaking, is titled “Hills of Tuscany I”. This work of artist Max Hayslette depicts the lush, gently rolling hills of the Italian countryside. The colors artist Max Hayslette uses are beautifully rich. His works consistently show a finesse and genius which are hallmarks of all the great artists.

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