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“May” Maeve Harris

Maeve Harris art is truly something to behold. Inspired by an East Coast upbringing as well as time abroad in Florence, Italy, Maeve Harris art has a contemporary flare combined with traditional subjects. Maeve Harris art utilizes different pigments and inks as its primary mediums.

A native of Princeton, New Jersey, Maeve Harris realized a passion for art when she was quite young. Although she studied photography at Arizona State University, painting is the basis of Maeve Harris art. However, many pieces of Maeve Harris art draw from photos taken by the artist herself as well as by others.

When you look at Maeve Harris art you will often find animals as the subject. Many of her works are inspired by her love of horses, which she rode frequently while growing up. Maeve Harris art also often shows a clear inspiration from nature, which is displayed in many unique ways. Maeve Harris art is a beautiful example of many creative uses of color and form, one of the hallmarks of a truly talented artist.

One of the great things about Maeve Harris art is the variety. While the works of some artists look far too similar to each other, Maeve Harris art shows a wide array of subjects and themes. The colors in Maeve Harris art are typically quite vivid and bold. Maeve Harris art tends to grab you with its rich intensity.

Horse lovers will especially appreciate the Maeve Harris art piece titled “Duet”. This Maeve Harris art original is a stunning painting of two horses, one a rich mahogany color, and the other almost black. They stand against a colorful backdrop of beautifully blended blues, greens, and browns.

Another particularly exquisite Maeve Harris art number is “May”. This beautiful work hints of delicate lavender blooms surrounded by vivid hues of orange and red. The color practically explodes off the canvas, making this Maeve Harris art original an eye-catching piece. If you love unique, contemporary art filled with vivid colors, you will truly enjoy Maeve Harris art!

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“Substrate” Maeve Harris 

The artwork of Maeve Harris offers a gentle respite from a busy world. Maeve Harris’s art is abstract and visceral, drawing the viewer into the artwork. Even when Maeve Harris’s art includes recognizable imagery, such as hounds, horses or flowers, she renders her subject matter in a loose and relaxing way and embeds them amidst fields and washes of color upon color.

Maeve Harris’s talent really shines through in her use of layering pigment to achieve a multi-dimensional sense of color. Maeve Harris layers pigments to achieve various effects, resulting in artwork that is open to the whims of the process yet also appears to be under her capable control. Maeve Harris’s artwork appears textural, appealing to both the senses and the emotions of the viewer.

For instance, using subdued and calming hues, Maeve Harris’s Crescendo series consists of a polyptych of four artworks that balance and soothe the mind. Royal blues and whites blend and overlap with olive greens and touches of orange, creating a flowing sanctuary of rich color.

In paintings like Substrate and Carousel, Maeve Harris introduces bolder tones of deep crimson and mahogany. These warm colors are expertly held in check by clever compositions that allow these hues to compliment, but not overwhelm, the feeling of each piece. Maeve Harris brings each piece into perfect balance and harmony.

There is a strong spiritual resonance floating through Maeve Harris’s artwork, mixed with a reverence for nature. Maeve Harris’s animal imagery offers a gestural suggestion of each animal, rather than presenting them in minute detail. They appear to be fleeting characters in her artwork, moving in unison with the colors.

Whatever the subject matter, Maeve Harris’s artwork is always restful and idyllic, allowing one to dream away into another world. At Artaissance, exclusive fine art giclee prints are available of Maeve Harris’s artwork, allowing you the opportunity to bestow her peaceful vision upon your walls.

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