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Sheryl Westergreen’s “Urban Oasis”

A great way to really brighten up the look of any room is to buy art canvas. If you enjoy adding splashes of color or eye-catching art to your space, then to buy art canvas is definitely something you should consider. Finding art canvas to buy may not just be for your home, but also for your office. When you go shopping for art canvas to buy, there are several things that you want to think about first.

For starters, when you look for art canvas to buy, you want to decide for which room or rooms you want to buy art canvas. So, you need to have a game plan rather than just haphazardly choosing art canvas to buy because the urge strikes you. If you use that approach to buy art canvas you may end spending money on a piece that you second-guess once you get it home. It is much easier to find the perfect art canvas to buy if you have a good idea up front what you are looking for.

When you are shopping for art canvas to buy, consider how big the painting needs to be. This will help you narrow the thousands of choices of art canvas to buy to a much smaller number. To determine the size of art canvas to buy you want to consider the size of the room and wall space first. You don’t want to buy art canvas that is quite small to hang buy itself on a large empty wall in a spacious room.

“Anemone” by Nichole Sloan

The other thing to consider when deciding which art canvas to buy is the size and style of nearby furnishings. It would look rather odd to buy art canvas that is really large to hang above a small side chair in the living room. Choose art canvas to buy that will compliment the furnishings. Also, choose art canvas to buy that is similar in style to the rest of your decor. You may not want to buy art canvas that is really abstract and modern to hang next to your antique canopy bed.

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Choosing the right size art is a snap when you shop for art at Artaissance. When you need to determine a specific size art for your home or office before you buy, Artaissance makes the process super-easy for you.

“Dining Chair Snow/Slate” Biltmore Collection

You no longer need to trudge around from store to store, looking for the right size art that both fits where you want it to and appeals to your taste in home décor. When you fall in love with a work of art at Artaissance, you get to decide whether to buy it as small size art, medium size art, or large size art! This kind of freedom is both a blessing and a relief to people who like to buy art that moves them, but who have been frustrated in the past because the artwork they fell in love with was either too big or too small. At Artaissance, every piece of art is the right size art for your needs!

The custom sizing tool on the Artaissance website can quickly calculate the right size art for the specific spaces in your home – whether you need small size art for your bathroom or grand size art to make a stunning impact in your office lobby. Simply type in either the desired height or length for your favorite artwork, and Artaissance will calculate the dimensions that your artwork will be. This is a convenient way to size art for your home, because you can then use a tape measure to see if those exact dimensions would work well for that special place on your wall.

“Confidante Sofa Linen/Acorn” Biltmore Collection

The ability to size art to your specific needs is greatly beneficial when you are decorating your home or office. Such unprecedented flexibility allows you a lot of creativity and freedom in selecting whatever size art you need!

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“Three Bouquets” Tom Vieth

Whenever you need art decor, home decor or office decor, you will find exactly what you need at Artaissance!

Remember: when buying the right art decor, home decor is just as important as your specially selected living room furniture or dining room and bedroom sets. If you are decorating your home, be sure to spend time looking for the right art decor. Home decorating is much more than just selecting furniture and choosing wallpaper. Through careful selection of art decor, home decorating reaches a whole new level of fun. You can express your personal style through your choice of art decor. Home decor looks great when you coordinate by theme or color scheme, for instance.

When buying art decor, home decor from Artaissance provides the personality, the statement, the style you need!

When you shop at Artaissance for art decor, home decorating becomes incredibly easy due to our wide selection of contemporary art decor. Home decorating simply isn’t complete until you deck your walls with artwork from our collection. With over 3300 artworks to choose from, you will always be able to find just the right art decor.

Home decorating styles depend on your personal taste. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, consider decorating your home with floral art decor. Home decor by Tom Vieth, such as “Three Bouquets”, creates a bright and cheer atmosphere in any home. If you prefer more modern art decor, home decor by David Owen Hastings may be more your style.

Whatever your taste in art decor, home decorating is convenient and affordable when you shop for art at Artaissance. There’s no need to pay outrageous prices for quality art decor – home decor from Artaissance is both premium quality and reasonably priced. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you are in good hands when you shop at Artaissance!

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“Cool Night” Kate Moynihan

Choosing decor artwork for your home or office allows you the opportunity to invest in art that truly shows off your style. The decor artwork you choose for each room will depend upon the purpose of the room, who will be using that room the most, and what kind of atmosphere you want to set for that room.

Here are some easy guidelines you will want to keep in mind when choosing decor artwork for various rooms in your home:

Your bedroom is your haven of peace, relaxation and tranquility. It is your private retreat from the world, where you both sleep and rejuvenate. The decor artwork that you choose should reflect this quality of comfort. We all relax in different ways, so the decor artwork that you choose for your bedroom will reflect your personal way of relaxation. For some, this might be the nearly abstract decor artwork of Kate Moynihan. Others may seek comfort in the golden florals of April Richardson.

The dining room is where you share family meals and entertain guests. The decor artwork for your dining room can either create a homely atmosphere or a more sophisticated ambiance, depending on your decorating style. Decor artwork like Marysia’s florals lend the dining room a sense of warmth, while decor artwork such as Bella Bigsby’s serene and subdued landscapes offer a more reserved, introspective tone.

Decor artwork for the kids’ room is always fun to choose. Decor artwork by Kate Endle is great for a nursery or little girl’s room. Carrie Narducci also makes wonderful decor artwork for a child’s room. If your child loves horses, the decor artwork of Katie Upton would be perfect!

In the kitchen, decor artwork can inspire the chef inside you. The decor artwork by Kim Marks includes vibrant pears and peppers that would work well in any kitchen. The decor artwork of Dale Payson takes a more sophisticated approach to kitchen decor.

Above all, when choosing decor artwork for your home, go with your gut feeling. When you see the right piece of art, you’ll know it!

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