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Today’s printing techniques make it easy to create a custom size canvas of your very own. The new technological advancements in scanners and printers can produce an archival quality custom size canvas called giclee (pronounced zee-clay). A giclee is a type of custom size canvas that remains true to color without noticeable dots that can result from other types of printing.


Liz Tran’s “The Vera” in custom sizes

ArtThatFits.com is an exciting website that allows a collector to choose a custom size canvas from a dizzying array of artwork by notable artists from around the world. Search artwork by color, subject matter or artist and create a custom size canvas to fit your walls online. To size your custom canvas, all you have to do is enter one measurement of how tall or wide you would like your piece and ArtThatFits.com will generate the other size for the artist’s intended proportion. This allows your custom size canvas to fit any space. Whether you’re looking for a focal piece for above your fireplace or a hard-to-fit space in an architectural alcove, a custom size canvas is the solution.

When looking for artwork to fill a specific wall, designers will tell you a custom size canvas is key. A balanced look in an interior comes from custom size canvases tailor-made to fit. Well designed rooms result from a good sense of scale and a custom size canvas can be scaled to suit any design. Just as furniture must be in scale with a room; artwork must be, and this is the true benefit to a custom size canvas.

Arranging for a custom size canvas is simple. With the click of a mouse, you will be able to create a custom size canvas. Never again will you bring a beautiful piece of artwork home only to realize it doesn’t fill the wall as you had intended. A custom size canvas completes a room and growing your collection of art has never been easier thanks to custom size canvases.